5 Hot Nail Trends for Spring 2013

Lion nails
Source: Kissandmakeupblog.com

Lions, and tigers, and nails, oh my!

I’ll admit it.  I have boxes and boxes of nail polish hanging around.  That is one of my biggest weaknesses. But what woman doesn’t love a good manicure?
I look forward to the new, stunning, wonderful, and sometimes wacky nail trends  every year – and cannot wait to try out some of the hot new looks that are in this winter and upcoming spring season.

This one, in fact,  I am going to have to give a go this evening.

Source: Chloesnails.blogspot.com
Source: Chloesnails.blogspot.com

Black on Black French Manicure
A little twist on the French manicure but still so elegant and classy.  Black not your color?  No worries, all matte nail polish colors are in this season.

Source: Hellogiggles.com
Source: Hellogiggles.com

Odd Man Out
Guilty as charged.  I tend to do this look from time to time as well.  There’s just something about having a splash of color that stands out and makes a statement.  Try this look with one nail a different color as seen in the photo, or add some glitz with one glitter polished tip.

Source: Gothampolish.blogspost.com
Source: Gothampolish.blogspost.com

The Midas Touch
We are seeing a lot of gold tones this season.  Shiny gold, glittery gold, even real gold.  You read that right, REAL gold!  If you’re willing to splurge a tad bit more, that is totally an option.  Want to rock gilded tips? Gold flake polishes run about $15-30 per bottle – but of course, a little goes a long way.

Source: Thedailyvarnish.com
Source: Thedailyvarnish.com

Blood Drips
These nails have an edge for sure.  Do you like the idea, but afraid that the “blood drips” are a little too edgy?  Try a simple red tipped manicure.  Or even choose a different color for your tips! Any bold color would give the illusion that you dipped your fingers in a brilliant can of paint.

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