Top 5 Benefits of Faux Flowers

Many tend to shy away from the idea of using fake flowers due to the misconception that they are tacky, look cheap, and simply will not portray the same beauty as real flowers. We are here to ensure you that this is not true with faux’s from! offers a wide variety of the highest quality silk florals to create everlasting floral arrangements for your wedding, home decor, and DIY projects. Take a look at the top 5 benefits of faux flowers:


1. They are EVERLASTING!Katie-Richards_Steve-DePino-Photography
Real flowers eventually wilt, brown, and die… and this can be frustrating when you spend a great deal of time and money to create your arrangements. With silk flowers, you can create your arrangements to keep forever. The memory of life’s special events will never die with faux flowers! Simply take your wedding bouquet, drop it in a vase, and decorate your home with this reminder of your special day, forever.

2. Silk flowers are hypo-allergenic.Bride-JullianSuterGarren_Photographer-TAlimaroPhotography
Couples with flower allergies.. suffer no more! Silk flowers are a GREAT alternative for brides with allergies to flowers. A bride should feel and look beautiful on her special day, and this can certainly be challenging for brides that suffer with severe allergies. With silk flowers, you will feel the elegance and happiness that you should on your day, sniffle and headache free!

3. The Price.

Real flowers can become quite pricey, quite quickly.  On top of that, you never got your degree in floral arranging, so you’ve got to pay a florist to arrange them for you! has a wide and diverse selection of pre-made wedding bouquets, ready for the wedding when it arrives at your door. If you’d like a custom bouquet of your own, we’ve also got an amazing DIY section for brides looking to do their wedding themselves. We have a number of tutorials that make floral arranging easy and fun! From How to Make a Wedding Bouquet, How to Make a Boutonniere, How to Make a Faux Flower Arrangement, How to Make a Floral Balloon Arch, and tons more! Putting your wedding designs into the hands of someone else can surely be nerve wrecking, but doing it yourself with the help of your bridesmaids can give you a great sense of control. It’s also a great way to get excited and bond with your bridesmaids!

4. Availability.

Fresh flowers can become a bit difficult to get your hands on in the fall and winter seasons, and they can become even more expensive during these times. With, our silks are always in bloom, at the same great prices. Your favorite flowers never go out of season with Afloral.

5. The Variety.

“Roses are red. Violets are blue. But with, there’s an assortment of hues!” Ok, that might’ve been a bit cheesy, but in all seriousness… You will not have to settle for a neutral color flower to match your unique wedding color palette. We have many tones and hues that are not commonly found in fresh flowers.  And we make it easy for you to find with our “Shop By Color” silk wedding flowers!

If we haven’t convinced you that silks are equally as stunning and more affordable than real florals, check out some of the arrangements created by the floral designers we’ve worked with on our How To page and Instagram. Many were skeptical themselves of using fauxs, but when they finally did… they couldn’t believe the beauty and quality! And now silks are a staple in very many of their creations. We’d love to hear your thoughts on our products and your experiences using, so be sure to leave a review on The Knot or Facebook! We LOVE to see how you  use your silks, so be sure to tag us in your photos with #Afloral

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