How to Pick Container and Flower Sizes for Your Wedding Centerpiece

You asked and we’ve got answers! What flowers should go in what container to create the perfect wedding centerpiece?  The answer… whatever you want!   With that being said, we have come up with some quick tips for all of our DIY brides.


We collected a variety of container and silk flower sizes to help give our DIY brides a better idea of how to create a centerpiece.


Take a look at how each size flower fits in the vase:


For a smaller flower head you will need to use more stems to create a full flower arrangement.


A slightly larger flower will give your arrangement a fuller look.


And, a large bloom will fill any container but might not work for  smaller arrangements.


One great solution to a simple DIY centerpiece is to use one of our pre-made bouquets as a centerpiece.


This pre-made rose bouquet is one of the smaller sizes that are offered at, coming in at around 6″ in diameter.  Notice that, although it is the same size as the hydrangea, this bouquet fits perfectly in the smaller container. Because it is a bouquet of small flowers it creates a beautiful arrangement when paired with a small container.


We designed three centerpieces to show how you can style a small, medium and large container.

Container-sizes_29For the small vase arrangement we used the small pre-made rose bouquet.  This bouquet consists of 6 rose buds (1″ wide)  and 6 blooms (2-3″ wide).  You could always use single stems.  Just remember that the smaller the flower head, the more stems you will need for a full look.   In addition to the bouquet we added 3 red rose blooms and 3 red rose buds.

*When creating a floral arrangement work in odd numbers, specifically in 3’s

md-bouquetContainer-sizes_28For the medium size vase we decided to use two pre-made bouquets.  We chose bouquets of small-medium size flower heads, between 2-4″ in diameter.  We used the Silk Peony Wedding Bouquet, consisting of 5 peony stems, and the Open Rose Silk Flower Bouquet, consisting of 8 rose heads.

Container-sizes_25For the large vase container we increased the number of flowers we used and included larger blooms.  For this arrangement we placed floral foam in the bottom of the container first.  Floral foam provides a strong base for your flower arrangement. Depending on the size of the arrangement you are creating, you may also want to add vase filler to the bottom to weigh it down.   To start we carefully arranged the hydrangeas, evenly placing them around the container.  We used 9 hydrangeas ranging between four and six inches in diameter. In addition we added 6 roses, a combination of full blooms and buds, and 6 peonies.

There you go!  Three centerpieces made with a variety of silk flower and container sizes.  The best part of using silk flowers is that there are no rules.  You can recreate a centerpiece as many times as you like because the flowers will never wilt.  Feel confident creating a look you love with faux flowers.