10 Cheap Wedding Ideas

Wait! Don’t let “cheap” scare you away… we’re here to talk affordable prices for your wedding. Every bride wants their special day to be just how they so assiduously planned for. From the dress, to the decorations, centerpieces, venues, bridesmaids dresses, bouquets, boutonnieres, food… and the list seems to go on forever. But as most brides know, this can get expensive, quickly. Celebrate the love of your life, without emptying your pockets and then some, with these 10 simple, fun, and inexpensive wedding ideas!


1) First and foremost, the greatest advice we can give to keep costs down on your wedding.. is DO IT YOURSELF! Or as you typically see it, DIY. Getting crafty and making your own decorations and floral arrangements can also be a very memorable part of your wedding. And what a better way to express yourself than getting hands on, and decking out your venue with your own creations? Get inspired to DIY by checking out our very helpful step-by-step how-to tutorials!

floral lantern
Learn how to make this darling floral lantern for your wedding!

Tropical Balloon Arch
How about this amazing tropical balloon arch? We absolutely love this design, it truly adds a unique and bright touch to any beach wedding. Afloral.com also has a gorgeous selection of beach wedding decor that will help bring life to any beach themed wedding.

Floral Table Runner
Or WOW your guests with this floral table runner!

2) Sales! Sales! Sales! ALWAYS go for the sales rack first when shopping for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to surf through our sales category.  Cheap prices doesn’t mean cheap quality… but hurry while supplies last! Many of these items are closeout items because they are discontinued. This means that what is in stock is all that will be left of that item, so we recommend ordering all that you would like of that item while there are still quantities left.

3) Silk flowers. Many shy away from silk/faux flowers due to the misconception that they may look cheap, or they may simply appear fake. But that is not always the case. Afloral.com offers high-quality silk florals for affordable prices, and your guests will never know that they are fake!

There are a few reasons that using faux florals is more beneficial than using real flowers for your wedding. The first being, they are much more affordable and you may order your flowers ahead of time without having to worry that they will begin to wilt before your special day arrives. Silk florals will appear fresh and lively up until the day of your wedding… and this is where the next benefit comes in! Real flowers will begin to die and fall apart, and a beautiful piece of your wedding will be gone. With silk flowers, you can keep your wedding flowers as a forever memory of your special day.

Wedding Bouquets
Afloral.com has a beautiful selection of pre-made wedding bouquets, so this way you can save on having to pay a florist to assemble your bouquet for you.

4) As mentioned previously, Afloral.com doesn’t only offer florals, we also have a wide selection of decorations to style your wedding from vintage themed to a more modern-like wedding. The Great Gatsby is a highly trendy wedding theme, and we’ve got you covered with our glam wedding decor.

Wedding Decorations
The genius part of purchasing your wedding flowers and wedding decorations all at once, is that you can skip out on paying for numerous different shipping fees. This is not something most brides would take into account, but those numbers can surely begin to add up.

5) Deals! Afloral.com is always looking to help you save, so don’t miss out on our amazing deals, and sign up to receive our weekly email promotions to save big on your wedding! You can easily sign up by entering your email at the bottom of our homepage in the “Join Us” section!

6) Use found objects. Not everything you use in your wedding has to be bought new.  Use objects laying around your home, or find them outdoors! Incorporate stones and branches in your natural designs , but if you can’t find them in nature, find them on Afloral.com!


7) Use items such as old bottles, jars, or even tea cups as vases! These are things you probably already have at home, or can find easily and cheaply at Afloral.com.

How absolutely adorable and simple!

Unconventional Centerpieces

Use what we’ve all got lying around our houses as a centerpiece, like books! It’s such a readily available and cute idea to add a vintage touch to your venue.


8) Reuse! Instead of buying bouquets for your bridesmaids for the wedding ceremony, and buying florals for your centerpieces at the reception, why not drop the bridesmaids bouquets in a vase and use them as the centerpieces? Such an easy way to save and keep a consistent look throughout your special day!

9) Unconventional centerpieces. This can also involve reusing bridesmaids bouquets, or using found items that are common around the household. Be unique and give your venue a look that your guests may never have seen before.

Trim the flower heads off of your bridesmaids bouquets or use our preserved rose heads, like we did, to create this classy design for your wedding centerpieces. Takes no time at all to make, and so romantic and appealing to the eye.

10) Get together with your bridesmaids and create your own bridal and bridesmaids bouquets! This is a wonderful way to bond with your girls before the wedding! Add your own special touches, and save on the high costs of real florals and substitute with silk florals. This will also cut the costs of having to have a florist arrange your bouquets. And no worries, this is SOO much easier than it may seem, just follow our step-by-step tutorial on creating your own bouquets!

Desert theme wedding bouquet

Wow your guests with this spunky desert-themed bouquet.. and learn how to make it here!

Fall Bouquet

Get inspired to design your seasonal wedding bouquet, like this stunning fall bridal bouquet!

We hope these incredibly chic and cheap wedding ideas can help you save, and don’t forget to tag us in your DIY wedding creations on Instagram!