With Afloral.com nightmare wedding flowers avoided!

A Floral Nightmare

What happens when good flowers go bad?  Real wedding flowers are fragile and unpredictable.  On your wedding day everyone should be worried and fussing over you, the bride not your wedding flowers.  With Afloral.com nightmare flowers scenarios don’t have to ruin your wedding day. Here are some example of how real flowers can become real problems.

With Afloral.com nightmare flowers solved Out in the Elements

Real wedding flowers are sensitive to their environment.  Flowers cannot be left out in the heat or cold they will wilt before guests have a chance to enjoy them.  And while it would be nice if Mother Nature could arrange her schedule of picture perfect days around your wedding day, the truth is you can’t count on the weather forecast.

If you are getting married in the summer months you may have to take extra care your wedding flowers can be stored in a cool climate and even have air conditioning for transportation.  Winter brides you will have a similar problem flowers must be kept at a balanced temperature, not too cold in outdoor environments and not too hot by heaters indoors.

Bee Friendly

Have you ever dreamed about having just the most beautiful flowers in the world for your wedding day? Well if you are planning an outdoor wedding be careful your real wedding flowers aren’t too beautiful that they might attract uninvited guests.

Bees, can be a real nuisance at any wedding if they are drawn in by the pollen from your flower arrangements.  Instead of focusing attention on how gorgeous the bride looks in her wedding dress, guests will be too busy shooing bees away. Still trying to consider if with Afloral.com nightmare flowers can be avoided? Read on…

Flower Attack

I have two more real flower nightmares to share.  Bees might be attracted by the sweetness of flower pollen but personally I am a wedding guest that is scared away from real flowers.

Many others like myself have a severe flower allergy and can’t be around flower pollen without taking an allergy medication or having an inhaler on hand.  Don’t limit the experience of any potential wedding guests by not taking allergies into consideration.

avoid afloral nightmare

Stain be Gone

Round three, why I dislike pollen.  You may not be allergic to pollen but I still want to warn you to stay away especially  in your wedding dress.  Pollen can stain your clothes if you don’t handle your arrangements carefully.

Be cautious of how you hold your flower bouquet and don’t let bridesmaids too close to you in your white wedding dress.  An innocent hug from one of your best friends can turn disastrous if they brush up against your dress.

Are you dreaming of real how with Afloral.com nightmares can be avoided yet?  Bridezillas get a bad rap but maybe more people should be worried about how real flowers are demanding, unfriendly and a whole lot of work!

There is still hope, there are alternatives available for beautiful wedding flowers.  Faux flowers can offer you the same look with many added benefits.  Faux flowers are versatile and flexible in they are not time sensitive, you can create a faux flower arrangement months ahead of your wedding day.  Best of all faux flowers are affordable and save you more money compared to using the real, temperamental thing. So with Afloral.com nightmare wedding flowers can be one less thing you have to worry about on your special day.