Winter Wonderland Wedding Theme

winter wonderland wedding

The magic of the season doesn’t have to end after the holidays.

Winter is a beautiful and magical time of the year, especially for those in the northern states.  It’s time for cooler temps and fluttering snow flakes that fall, glisten, and sparkle in the sun.

These colder winter months set the stage for more formal indoor weddings.    From our Winter Red Rose Wedding theme we discussed, “ winter weddings are known for their glamour and more formal tone.” Guests will come out dressed for a ceremony and reception to remember.  Make your special day memorable; capture the magic of the season with a glamorous Winter Wonderland wedding theme.

Get a Winter Wonderland look with the right key elements, color palette, and special extras to provide just the perfect finishing touches.  DIY wedding projects, ordering items in bulk, inexpensive wedding extras, and a few tips will set you on your way to planning a fabulous wedding at an affordable cost.

winter wonderland elements,

Winter Elements’s Crystal and Feather wedding showcases what you’ll need for a Winter Wonderland look; translucent crystals or rhinestones, white feathers and branches, crushed acrylic ice, votive candles, with white and metallic accents.  Like a crisp winter’s day, you want to capture the beauty of a snow blanketed earth with a touch of sparkle and frost.  Crystals found in decorated jewels, brooches, decorative beads, or acrylic ice add a touch of sparkle.  Go glam with a chic faux diamond runner, a newer item from’s accessory line.

Feathers and branches are a play on the magical season.  Branch centerpieces featured in Thursday’s DIY post give you a unique wedding look with stature that demands attention.  Branches are easy to work with, and available to order in bulk which translates into great savings for budget brides. A feathered spray is a versatile accent; easy to tuck in a bridal bouquet or to create a stunning winter chair back.  The second installment of the DIY winter chair back post showcased the glamorous Winter Wonderland chair back, 3 easy steps using tulle, a silk white rose, a feather spray, and a globed jewel.

winter chair back,

Winter Palette

A winter wedding is more formal and glamorous.  Take a cue from what’s always in; classic looks never go out of style.  Go for a white wedding with a touch of color as an accent.  You can make more of a play with textures than going overboard with a variety of colors.  With a white wedding palette, play with different textiles like silk, tulle, satin, and even fur.  It will create an intriguing look that is subtle yet rich.

Metallics like silver and gold provide a charming and modern accent.  Sterling silver pots or white and gold charlotte votive holders will give you a touch of glam while setting the right ambiance with softly lit candles.

Your white wedding can also be accented by a touch of color.  A muted or frosted tone of soft pink, frosted blues or cooler tones will result in a romantic tone. Pair with romantic touches like pearls, roses and draped tulle for even more romance.  Deep blues or rich purples will add more drama. For a timeless, beautiful theme, take a few ideas from our Winter Red Rose Wedding theme like a DIY lush red rose hair piece or build your own red rose silk bridal bouquet.

In love with them all?  For help narrowing down your winter wedding palette with floral choices email for a custom inspiration board.  It’s the perfect starting point for planning your special day.

votive candles

Inexpensive Extras

Don’t rack up your wedding budget with all the little extras.  There are guaranteed to be things that you didn’t plan for running up your wedding budget.  Give yourself a little extra cushion by saving big bucks with the right inexpensive wedding accessories.

Items like votive candles and twinkle lights are essential in setting the right mood and ambiance for your wedding.  Remember  we saw those back in our DIY Wedding Lighting post.  They are also fabulously inexpensive wedding items you can pick up in bulk and dollar stores.

Pinpoint the right DIY wedding projects that take a little bit of your time but in return give you a ton of savings.  Little touches like DIY hair accessories, chair backs, and escort cards can cost under $10 a piece.  Planning ahead will help you get things done and save you from spending extra cash you haven’t budgeted for.

Table accessories like the crushed acrylic ice featured in the Crystal and Feather wedding theme are just as affordable and easy to purchase in bulk as candles.  They are great to scatter on the table as an accent or to fill glass vases.

Pulling it All Together

Today we got to take a look back at several of our recent posts.  From the Crystal and Feather wedding theme, that holds elements perfect to set the stage for a winter wonderland look, the Winter Red Rose wedding theme, for formal tips and accents of color, to a few DIY wedding project and idea posts. has all the right resources to help you plan a glamorous Winter Wonderland wedding.  The holidays might be over, but you’re just about to start your magical journey through life together.  Make sure it’s memorable and fabulous, but still affordable.