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Bouquet Inspiration Photo:  Photography by Rebecca  |  Floral Designer:  Blossom Time Flowers

{Whitney’s Request}
My wedding is May 11, 2013. My favorite flowers are roses and calla lilies. I was looking to make a silk bouquet of all roses for me and white calla lilies for my girls. I also need single roses for my centerpieces. I bought tall cylinder vases and I plan to have a single rose in the vase filled with water and a floating candle on top. I just don’t know how many roses I’ll need in my bouquet and how to make it myself. Or how many lilies to put in my girls bouquets. They will be wearing black cocktail length dresses and the wedding is outside. Any help or tutorials is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

{Whitney’s Bouquet & Centerpiece Details}
The inspiration photo from My DIY Wedding Day can be achieved in two ways.  You can create a hand-tied bouquet by using 25-30 single Open Red Roses, or take a shortcut and use a premade Red Rose Bridal Bouquet.  Each bouquet can be completed by wrapping with Buttercream Satin Ribbon and accenting with a Rhinestone Starburst Pin.  The premade Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet is a beautiful bouquet for your bridesmaids.   The centerpiece inspiration photo via Blossom Time Flowers can be created by submerging a single Red Rose stem.  A helpful hint to keep the rose from floating, is by anchoring it with a fishing sinker.  For more detailed instruction in floral design, visit our How-To Videos.  Happy Planning, Mindy




  1. Looks amazing! And I didn’t even think about how to anchor the rose in the vase so thank you so much for telling me that! I am so excited to have everything come together and I am so thankful for the tutorial.

    1. Your ideas for your wedding are gorgeous and I am happy to help you put them together. I wish you the best in planning the rest of your wedding planning.

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