White Orchid Wedding Theme

White Orchid Wedding

Make a statement with your wedding décor and flowers. Orchids are a popular wedding floral choice.  White orchids are modern, elegant and a symbol of beauty and refinement. They are known for their stature and soft, delicate blooms.

While they are a top floral choice, orchid’s beauty comes with a hefty price tag. Real orchids will run you anywhere from $10 to $18 a stem.  They can quickly put a big dent in your wedding day budget.  Silk orchid flowers are a fabulous alternative they offer you the same look at a fraction of the cost, afloral.com silk orchid stems range from $2 -$5 a stem.  That’s at about a 5th of the cost of real stems, which will translate into huge savings on your wedding budget.

Now how can you fit this popular flower into your wedding day decor?  Afloral.com gives us a few ideas and inspiration on how to create and style a stunning and elegant white orchid wedding.

Orchid Submersible Centerpiece

Submersible Orchid Centerpiece

A modern wedding is characterized by fresh, well defined wedding décor with the latest trends as accents.  Afloral.com’s submersible orchid centerpiece, featured on Thursday’s DIY post, is a prime example of a modern, yet elegant wedding.  Submersible arrangements are a hot new wedding trend, that redefines the idea of a traditional floral centerpiece.

The choice of white dendrobium orchids and white ginger silk stems in this centerpiece keep the arrangement elegant allowing all of the elements, glass, water, light and floral, to play off each other.  White orchid stems span the length of the glass vase, floating in ethereal beauty accented by soft light and reflections off the glass and water. The result creates a fresh, elegant and modern look.

Style your modern, elegant orchid wedding with basic decor, classic white or black table linens, and the right accents like softly lit candles.  Refer back to our DIY lighting post for some creative ideas on how to illuminate your wedding day, votive candles and twinkle lights would be choice accents to an elegant wedding.

Metallic and crystal accents are also a great fit for modern weddings, providing a stylish, contemporary look.  Check out afloral.com’s newly expanded line, including sterling silver candle holders, faux diamond runner and beaded candle rings.  Chic, modern and the perfect fit for an elegant wedding.

Orchid Trumpet Vase

Dendrobium Orchid Trumpet Vase

There are some things that never go out of style, simple, classic looks will transcend trends and fads. Afloral.com’s dendrobium orchid trumpet vase centerpiece is a simple, classic arrangement of 3 types of silk orchid stems. As the exotic stems brilliantly explode at the top of the trumpet vase, the sheer volume and presence of the arrangement is sure to be a show stopper for wedding guests.  The centerpiece will hold those in awe around the reception table; but it is also the perfect height, sitting above their eye level to still allow guests see each other and mingle.

White Orchid Hairstyle


The classic arrangement can be styled with a soft, tulle tied chair back again showcasing the beautiful orchid stems.  Chair backs are a great, inexpensive wedding item that can add just the right accent to tie your look together.  Afloral.com’s silk orchid stems are wired and easy to work with for any DIY project.  Check out this easy Orchid hair piece for the bride or bride’s maids, another fabulous way to tie orchids into your wedding theme.  The model simply trimmed the stem, leaving 3 flowers and wrapped it around her bun.



Orchid Hand Bouquet

Get Your Look

Take their breath away with a white orchid elegant wedding.  For a look of beauty and refinement orchids lend themselves to a variety of decor options from trendy submersible centerpieces to more classic trumpet vase arrangements, they are also great for wedding accents in chair backs and bridal accessories.  Going with silk orchid flowers you’ll always find your stems in season and available at a fraction of the cost of real orchids, great for any budget bride and also the perfect fit for inexpensive DIY wedding projects.

Don’t forget to use all of afloral.com’s wedding resources to finish planning your elegant white orchid wedding.  Stop by the new build a bouquet section under wedding design ideas for suggestions and instructions on how to build your favorite wedding bouquet.  And what’s new on afloral.com’s wedding channel?  Jane will give you step by step instructions how to get your favorite looks.