What Silk Wedding Flowers Have to Offer

Silk flowers are a growing industry that is continually evolving and expanding.  The wedding world has seen a surge in the use of silk flower arrangements from brides and wedding planners looking for affordable wedding flower options.

For anyone planning a wedding silk flowers offer two great benefits:

  • Silk flowers offer better options than fresh cut flowers.
  • Silk flowers offer great savings.
Echeveria and Blossom Bouquet
Shop Afloral.com for a variety of Silk Flower Options; Echeveria and Blossom Bouquet with moss bouquet wrap

Companies like afloral.com now offer a variety of silk flower options in stems, sprays or bushes, also available are real touch flowers and even trendy succulents like agave and echeveria.  Succulents are a hot new wedding bouquet and wedding table centerpiece item, perfect fit for a rustic or woodland wedding theme.

More to Offer

Silk flowers are available all year round not bound within a particular season.  Trendier items like succulents or exotic blooms such as orchids can be found at reasonable prices, not marked up just because of their spike in popularity.  Those looking to incorporate some non-traditional hues into decor can find a variety of color options from bright neons, muted pastels to rich gothic hues.

Half the Cost

The biggest and major reason in the surge of popularity in silk flowers is their affordability.  Silks offer the same look as real flowers at a fraction of the cost.  Silk flowers can be purchased by the stem for bridal bouquets or wedding table centerpieces from $1.99 to $10.99 a stem.  Silk sprays and bushes are another option to be trimmed down into silk floral arrangements.

Even brides not looking for DIY wedding flower arrangements can still cash in on the affordability of silk flowers.  Pre-made bouquets are a  great non-DIY silk flower option ranging in price from $7.99 to $19.99 an arrangement.  Pre-made silk bouquets are versatile, they can be used as bridal bouquets dressed up with a few bouquet accessoriesPre-made bouquets can also be a budget friendly and easy centerpiece idea arranged in vases or decorative containers.

Great savings and better options.  With today’s educated and budget savvy shoppers who couldn’t pass up a deal and the over all great look of silk flowers?