Wedding Trends: Personalized

Any modern wedding is far from a cookie cutter affair nowadays.  With access to countless resources on the internet like wedding sites, blogs, forums and social media the modern bride is not at a loss for wedding inspiration and tips.

Kim Cook of The Associated Press blogs on that there are two words defining current wedding trends, those are “more personal and inventive.”  Cook shares, “those are the dominant trends in wedding receptions, experts say, in an era when brides have all the resources of the Internet to plan, share and often produce their own affairs.”

How are novice brides getting started when planning and creating their special day?  Sites like Project Wedding, The Knot, Wedding Wire and Pinterest allow brides to find inspiration, get tips for planning, making budget decisions to organizing all wedding day inspiration and information.
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In addition to those sites, there are countless tips for budget brides and DIY brides looking for personalization and savings.  The spike in DIY enthusiast brides is in direct correlation to this “more personalized and inventive” trend. With more resources for inspiration and DIY guides brides aren’t shy about taking on wedding day projects themselves that will give them a customized look.  Another DIY push is the savings, any bride looking to save on their budget has researched DIY wedding projects.
Cook gets advice from top wedding experts at Martha Stewart Weddings to The Prince George Hotel in Halifax, they report personalization extends into wedding colours and wedding flowers.  Brides get specific with unusual color pairings, black, metallic and prints in their wedding palette.  Wedding flowers are back at center stage during receptions.  Brides are looking for big centerpieces and lots of flowers.
When starting your wedding planning don’t get overwhelmed, use the right resources to help plan your special day.  Even offers countless how to videos and DIY wedding flower projects. If you’re still looking at where to start for your wedding flower colors and choices email for her to create you a custom Inspiration Board.

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