Wedding Planning by Color

Planning a wedding by color has become a popular direction taken by brides.  By planning  your special day with specific wedding colors in mind you are given a great starting point to pick wedding flowers, wedding party attire like bridesmaids dresses, groomsmens’ ties and accessories along with other major wedding décor.

Many sites are going towards color specific searches for wedding planning, whether you’re just searching for inspiration or doing your wedding shopping online.’s Mindy gets weekly requests to build custom wedding inspiration boards by specific wedding color choices.

Now we’re not the only site to recognize this Postolache Ana-Maria with wrote a recent blog post on “Orange Wedding Bouquets” and talked about this popular trend towards searching and planning weddings by color.

Ana Maria discusses,” The truth is that colors are a very powerful tool when it comes to creating a special ambiance for a wedding.  And the best way to insert a unique color in a wedding is through flowers!”

Wedding flowers will give you a great place to start inserting color in your wedding but she also goes on to talk about how seasons affect wedding color choices.  “In general, the choice of color for a wedding is largely dependent on the season and venue of the event.  And every month or season has its own tonality that can be reflected through colored flowers.”  Right now Ana Maria says, “Summer is more focused on bold hues.”

Wedding flowers are a fabulous place to start when looking to insert color into your wedding day.  Looking for color specific flowers will also help narrow down your wedding flower search for brides who might not know what they are looking for in wedding flowers.  When planning your wedding flowers you can look for one or two main colors and flowers to feature and then work in a few accent colors and greenery to complete your bouquet of wedding flower arrangement.

Summer weddings are offering an array of bold, vibrant hues to choose from.  Vibrant oranges are hot right now as the Pantone color of the year is tangerine tango.  Dahlias, Gerbera Daisies, Ranunculus, are great orange wedding flower choices.  Vibrant pinks are feminine yet chic for a summer bride roses, peonies, orchids. Blues are a refreshing tone that can also pump up your color spectrum with bold hues, roses, peonies, hydrangeas and cornflowers.

Take a look through our blog by color to view color specific wedding design ideas and also great color themed inspiration boards or email to have her create your own!

photo credits: blue & orange corsage; orange bouquet; blue, yellow, purple boutonniere; yellow bouquet; pink bouquets

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