Wedding Patterns in Decor

A pattern is defined as “a manmade design. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.” (Wikipedia)  Patterns can be found repeated throughout our everyday.  Used in many ways on textiles, home decor, fashion, these patterns whether they are subtle or loud have an impact on their audience.’s Wedding Trends post gives us the run down on five top patterns to look for in wedding decor.  Their bloggers boast to look out for gingham, chevron, paisley, polka dots and stripes in hot wedding patterns for this year.

  • Gingham: “picnic blanket / Italian restaurant tablecloth pattern of overlaying stripes is “in” this year.”
  • Chevron: “A zigzag pattern has sharp repeated peaks and valleys. A chevron has one peak repeated downward. This creates a column of peaks – a stack of upside down V’s on top of one another.”
  • Paisley: “A paisley pattern is made up of varying size decorative comma-shaped designs that range from simple outlines to those with elaborate, intricate details.”
  • Polka dots: “A polka dot design is a simple uniform pattern of dots placed over a solid background color.”
  • Stripes:”they can actually be extremely intricate depending on the color, number, thickness and placement of the individual stripes.”

After some education on types of patterns and what feels is hot for 2013, the question lies how can you incorporate pattern into your wedding decor?  Patterns can break up traditional solid color schemes when planning your wedding palette giving you a unique and custom look.

Wedding Theme Patterns; bridesmaids-; bouquet-; tie-; chevron-; bunting- seller vintagegreenlimited; stripe table; cake-
Wedding Theme Patterns; bridesmaids-; bouquet-; tie-; chevron-; bunting- seller vintagegreenlimited; stripe table; cake-

Break with tradition and throw some pattern into your bridal party’s wardrobe.  Looking for some pattern, bridesmaids can go for stripes or polka dots in their dresses.  Or worked into the groom and groomsmen’s ties add a subtle touch of pattern with a paisley print or a bolder pop with the popular chevron pattern.

Little touches of pattern can be mixed into wedding decor without a loud presence.‘s soft polka dot cake takes a second glance to pick up on the pattern.  And‘s wedding flower bouquet wraps stripe pattern ribbon around the base of floral stems for a slight accent.

The reception tablescape is an obvious place to add a touch of pattern, stripe, chevron or polka dot table clothes and runners are popular decor trends.  Mix and match patterns and prints for a real statement piece with a personalized touch.

Looking for more 2013 trend ideas when planning your wedding decor and palette?  Don’t forget to check out our Color Combination post for some inspiration.