Wedding Flowers with Wire

If I told you there was an affordable way to dress up wedding flower bouquets would you believe me?  What if this option is not only affordable but versatile, available in a variety of colors and fairly easy to work with?

Colored wire is what we are talking about.  It is affordable, under $6 for 13 yards, colorful and easy to work with for DIY brides.’s You Tube channel just featured a new how-to tutorial on “How to Use Colored Wire for Wedding Flowers”.  With step by step visuals you can see how to create spirals using tweezers or how to make loops by wrapping wire around everyday household items.

Always looking for new wedding trends and affordable DIY options for brides to-be a couple of weeks ago I blogged about Non-traditional Wedding Flower Accents”.  Candy, handmade paper items, natural elements and brooches were featured showing how “non-traditional bouquet accents can bring with themselves an added element of color, texture and look to style a bouquet.”

Another benefit of using non-traditional accents like those featured in the previous post or colored wire is “adding accents can also dress up a bouquet, allowing a budget bride to start with an affordable option like premade silk flower bouquets.”

Wire with Wedding Flowers
Wire with Wedding Flowers; roses with turquoise wire-; calla lily bouquet-; stem wrapped bouquet- Echelon Florist; rose boutonniere-; wire accent bouquet-; boutonniere in yellow- Morrison Floral

Accent with Wedding Flowers

Wire spirals and loops created by colorful wire can be inserted amongst wedding flowers in a bouquet or boutonniere to create a playful accent with movement and color.’s wire example adds a pop of color to traditional white roses with turquoise wire. delivers a more subtle use of wire in a white rose boutonniere; stems wrapped in white satin ribbon are accented by loosely wrapped green wire spiraled at both the top and bottom.

For an even easier DIY wire wedding flower project.  Echelon Florist offer an alternative to the traditional ribbon wrapped wedding flower stems with thickly wrapped stems in colorful wire.

Wire as a Statement

To step up the non-traditional factor with your wedding flowers and use of wire, look towards the example provided by  The Mango Calla Lily Bridal Bouquet takes the use of wire to an art form.  Beautifully woven throughout the bouquet, organically wrapped wire follows the calla lily’s bouquet shape.

The wire accent transforms the monotone bouquet into a sculptural piece.  The bouquet is kept tasteful and not overdone; one hue for wedding flowers, neutral white ribbon wrapped stems allow for the statement or wow factor in this bouquet to be the wire details.

Play with Your Wire

Looking for ways on how to use wire and style wire with your wedding flowers?  Keep in mind different types and gauges or thicknesses of wire in addition to the color.  Morrison Floral, photo by Tara Lokey Photography, illustrates a beautiful example with their yellow rose bud boutonniere, the buds are paired with a peacock feather, berry spray and greenery.  Stems for this boutonniere are wrapped in crimped copper wire and a thicker gauged smooth wire.  The different types and treatment of wire makes a play on texture creating an intriguing groomsman’s boutonniere.