Wedding Flower Trends

The summer season is in full swing and can you believe we’re almost to the half way point for 2012.  That’s right 6 months in and we’re just 6 months out.  So what’s been happening in 2012, has it held up to it’s expectations?  Let’s see what you think.

Back when we were all still setting our New Year’s Resolutions Huffpost Weddings blogger Carly Cylinder blogged about “What’s Hot: The 7 Flower Trends of 2012”.  She commented on some trends to watch out for and the “it” wedding flowers for the upcoming year.

Cylinder noted the following trends to watch out for in 2012 when it comes to wedding flowers, a modern take on the popular rustic trend, high fashioned-romantic oversized singular blooms, metallic sprayed flowers, unusual non-flower bouquets and pattern/ color craze.  The “it” wedding flowers for this year might seem a bit traditional but Cylinder notes,“You may not love roses, but you will fall in love with a garden rose. Voluptuous, fragrant, and graceful, the garden rose is a treasure often overlooked.”

Cylinder’s trending list for 2012 gave a good preview of what was to come in wedding flowers.  Notably we’ve seen  a lot of color, voluptuous blooms and rose wedding flowers coming into the popular summer wedding season.  2012 has seen wedding trends not afraid to embrace bold color playing around with rich hues and fun combinations.   Wedding flower choices are a great way to showcase these choices in colors.

If you’re a Facebook fan you’ve been given a great sneak preview to their latest wedding photo-shoot packed full of gorgeous, color rich silk wedding flowers.  Can’t wait to get blogging about some of those fabulous arrangements, you better stay tuned………

photo credits: purple single stem; garden rose pink bouquet; metallic bouquet, fuchsia/purple/white bouquet; single floral stem arrangements borrowed form Mindy’s post (because they were too cute) originally from Santa Barbara Chic


    1. Emily I’m with Mindy they are a popular trend. They really make a unique and beautiful wedding bouquet.

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