Wedding Flower Crowns How To

Natalie Portman’s nuptials late last summer made us all fall in love with the wedding floral crown.  Famous celebrities, models at runway shows were all sporting a new bridal accessory. This new trend helped the flower crown celebrate a new elevated status in bridal accessories.

The wedding floral crown can be a simple or elaborate bridal accessory depending on your look.  They are also fairly simple to construct with a minimal amount of floral supplies and silk wedding flowers.  A versatile and affordable wedding project.

Wedding Flower Crowns, baby's breath-;; rose crown-
Wedding Flower Crowns, baby’s breath-;; rose crown-

You can find some fabulous crown inspiration and DIY tips from two recent posts one on’s blog and the second’s you tube channel how-to videos. featured a beautiful floral and feather halo in their post “DIY Floral Crown”.  Designed by Jade Rose she takes you through step by step instructions using feathers, flowers and bark floral wire.  Rose starts the project with the basics, “create a halo by measuring the floral wire to your head, cut the wire two inches longer than what your head measures.”

In the next steps Rose explains and demonstrates how to wrap the floral wire in tulle fabric and then glue, secure feathers and florals for the finished crown.’s feather and floral halo crown is a stylish option when considering a floral crown.  The elements are elegant and soft, a classic, beautiful look with a slightly vintage vibe inspired by the feathers.‘s how-to you tube video is our second inspiration.  “How to Make a Floral Crown” video gives DIY brides 3 different affordable and manageable DIY floral options.  For a fuller crown uses angel vine garland measured the circumference of your head.  This garland is durable and sturdy, the perfect foundation.  Silk flowers of your choice are then trimmed and hot glued to the garland along with flower sprays and greenery.

A simple baby’s breath crown is another consideration for a more subtle floral crown. uses a bark floral wire with mini flower heads and baby’s breath woven throughout the piece and secured with glue.  A rustic, whimsical bridal look.