Wedding Color Inspiration: Sierra & Miguel July 29, 2012

We got a request from a bride-to-be, Sierra,  for an inspiration board that includes her color scheme of black and white with plum & light purple accents. She is planning her July 2012 wedding and needed a little help designing her bouquet.

As you can see from her unique Save The Date Card, her theme is Masquerade Ball.  How elegant!

An awesome shot of Sierra and her hubby-to-be, Miguel in Paris…it couldn’t be more romantic!

Sierra wrote:  “My favorite flower is a white rose, what I was thinking for the bouquets was mainly white roses with a some orchids to mix it up a bit, purple accents and greenery. The problem I’m encountering is how much of said flowers and accents should I add? Should I put in some black or is that too much since the bridesmaid dresses and tuxes will be black. I’m also not sure about the centerpieces, I want to use some purple tulips because my fiancé is Dutch.”

I could really use some help and inspiration, thanks so much!  Sierra

Well Sierra, thanks for all the information.  It makes it so easy for us to select the right flowers. You can start with a premade bouquet in white roses & add the black & plum accents.  The second option is to create your own by using silk rose stems, orchids, tulips & greenery.  This option lets you select the exact roses.  You can add as much black as you want….depending how daring you want to be!! I think it would be fun to have your bridesmaids bouquet in solid plum with black accents!  You could also add feathers to go along with the Masquerade theme.

An easy centerpiece would be using glass cylinder vase and alternate white, plum & black orchids. We also have silk rose petals to scatter on the tables.  I look forward to seeing what you create. Thanks so much, Mindy!

**Click the highlighted text to view the silk florals used in the above Inspiration Board.


  1. My colors are also black,silver, and white. Need help making my bouquet, or can I buy them already put together. Looking for fake flowers, that look and feel real.

    1. We have several white bouquets that you can add black & silver accents. That is the easiest way to create a bouquet. I will put an inspiration board together for you in your color scheme. If you have any questions, please contact me at Thanks Mindy

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