Vintage Wedding Themes: Wedding Decorations

Vintage Wedding Decorations; mason jar & typewriter-; suitcase-; birdcage-

Vintage weddings are the wedding theme to look for in 2014.  Vintage weddings have had a popular presence over the past few wedding seasons.  Now you might suspect their popularity is ready to wane, but instead the Vintage wedding’s constant ability to reinvent itself keeps winning over more and more fans.

The ever so popular Vintage wedding has styled itself into some fabulous looks for 2014.  Breathing a breath of fresh air into the start of the new year the Vintage, Heirloom Wedding theme is soft and romantic with a touch of nostalgia.

The Heirloom wedding theme can in part account for the rise of vintage focal points used in decor.  Some popular vintage wedding decor items to keep an eye out for in any vintage wedding theme are:

These vintage focal points are being worked into wedding centerpieces and display stations.  Typewriters set the perfect scene at an unconventional guest book table.  As seen in’s “Keys to a Successful Marriage” photo table guests are encouraged to leave a special message for the bride and groom.

Other vintage elements like birdcages, vintage vases and mason jars are stylish statement pieces for wedding reception tables.  Using a larger focal point like these vintage items takes care of the majority of the centerpiece, silk wedding flowers and greenery can be added as a soft accent.  Keeping the quantity of items needed in each arrangement down, in turn simplifying your DIY projects and maybe even saving you money.

When looking for vintage items shop for the real thing at flea markets and thrift stores to mix and match styles and patterns.  Or on sites like that offer creative wedding decoration items to fit many themes like vintage weddings.  Items like glass containers and mason jars can often be purchased in bulk offering you a discount.

Looking to find out more about new trends in Vintage wedding themes?  What wedding colors and wedding flowers are hot this year?  Stop by next week for Vintage Wedding Themes: Wedding Flowers to find out!