Vanessa’s Lily and Peacock Feather Bouquet Inspiration Board

{Vanessa’s Request}
Hi my name is Vanessa Taylor.  I am having a lily and peacock feather wedding.  I would like to have fake flowers cause you can do more with them, as well as, I have serious allergies to most flowers.  I’m having a hard time finding a blue flower to go with my theme.  I would like blue lilies and or orchids with altari lilies and some kind of white filler flower, as well as, my theme the peacock feather.  I would love you help to try and find some kind of inspiration.  I’m doing most of my planning alone.  Thanks so much and  I hope to hear back soon as my wedding in July 2013 and I would love to order flowers soon.

{Vanessa’s Bouquet Details}
The top inspiration photo is from Lauren Pauline via Bouquet Wedding Flower.  It would be an excellent base for your bridal bouquet and it features:  Blue Orchids, Cream/White Bud RosesHydrangeas, and Peacock feathers.  To include your lovely inspiration photo from Bouquet Wedding Flower, add Stargazer Lilies and Cream/White Orchids.  To finish,  wrap with Sheer or Satin White Ribbon. The premade Lily and Rose Bridal Bouquet would be beautiful for your bridesmaid bouquet or to use in a vase as a centerpiece.  For more design ideas, check out our other floral boards with Peacock Feather Inspiration.  Happy Planning, Mindy




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