Using Your Astrological Sign to Pick Wedding Colors

Picking your wedding colors can be a confusing task. Do you go with the latest trends? Do you stick with a traditional color combo like black, white, and red? Do you pick wedding colors based  on the date of your wedding?  The possibilities are really endless, and for a DIY bride, can be quite overwhelming.

Today, I want to throw another idea out there:  how about picking your wedding colors based on your astrological sign? I thought this was a fun new way to simplify this task. If you’ve already picked your wedding colors, scroll down and find your sign. Wouldn’t it be crazy if you picked the colors I recommend? I’m definitely not a fortune teller, but I think I just might be spot on with this. 😉

Aries – You’re fiery, energetic, and passionate. Incorporate red on your wedding day to bring out your best qualities. If you want to be bold, do red table linens, red bridesmaid dresses, and red decor. If you just want to keep it simple, use the traditional black, white, and red color combo.

Red Wedding

Taurus – You have a soothing and serene personality, so chances are, you’re not a bridezilla. An earthy, natural green wedding would be perfect for you and your down to earth tendencies.

Green Wedding

Gemini – You are ball full of warm, positive energy. You might not be a bridezilla, but you know what you want. Yellow is bright and features your cheery disposition, but is also bold and stands out, just like you.

Yellow Wedding

Cancer – You’re classy and sophisticated. You don’t make quick decisions, you just let a team of people do the busywork and wedding planning. Silver and white are the perfect colors for your wedding day.

Silver Wedding

Virgo – You love surrounding yourself with earthy tones, it makes you feel at home and in touch with nature. Incorporate a mixture of chocolate browns, beiges, and creams into your wedding decor.

Brown Wedding

Leo – You are powerful, and love to run the show. Sometimes, you feel like you were born in the wrong era, and should be sitting on Cleopatra’s throne. Metallic gold is the perfect wedding color for your big day. Pair it with jewel tones to complete the look.

Gold Wedding

Libra – Lady Libra, you love your blues. Instead of wearing a black blazer, you commonly rock navy blue. Incorporate this color into your wedding day, possibly using a nautical theme.

Navy Blue Wedding

Scorpio – Your power colors are red and black. Play up your eyes on your big day with a smokey look, and add touches of crimson or blood red to your wedding decor.

Red Black Wedding

Sagittarius – Your love drama, and rich purples and saturated blues will suit you perfectly. This sign could really rock a peacock colored wedding.

Peacock Wedding

Capricorn – You prefer traditional over exotic, and like to stick with earthy tones such as burgundy, burnt orange, and sage.

Earth Wedding

Aquarius – You love to daydream and use your imagination. Turquoise, ocean blues, and corals would be a perfect reflection of you on your wedding day.

Blue Wedding

Pisces – You are partial to romantic pastels, which suit your soft, yet colorful nature. I recommend using lavender or mint, those will highlight your personality best.

Pastel Wedding