Unplugged Vs. Social Media Friendly Wedding

Nowadays everything and anything is available at the tips of our fingertips anytime of the day.  Social media is huge.  Facebook, twitter, pinterest have influenced this trend not to mention the mobile devices we’re attached to that access instant updates and news.

With the growing popularity  of social media another trend has emerged and that is going unplugged.  Unplugged is removing yourself from all mobile devices, txting and pesky social media.  Many people have been declaring specific time set aside to be unplugged, whether it be the weekend or an extended vacation.

Taking into account both the popularity of social media and the growing unplugged trend how will either of these trends influence your wedding planning?

A wedding might not seem the place these two trends would come to a crossroad.  However it is the perfect place to bring up a very good debate:

Unplugged Ceremony and/or Reception.  Do you ask guests to set down their camera phones and forget status updates, allowing them to truly be present in your special day?


Social Media Friendly Affair.  Do you embrace what social media has to offer and for the reasons we love it, allowing guests to enjoy the day and have a good time?

Unplugged vs. Social Media Wedding
Unplugged vs. Social Media Wedding; smart phone aisle- hermonsainn.wordpress.com; flash wash out- Corey Ann photography huffpostwedding.com; hashtag screen- postano.com; ipad photo- eventexperts.com

Unplugged: Backing our first argument is Huffpost Wedding’s recent post Why You Might Want to Consider an Unplugged Wedding” by professional photographer Corey Ann.  Ann brings up many distractions from a photographer’s perspective of why mobile devices with cameras are a nuisance.  Guests with cameras and camera phones often influence the professional photographer’s images that the couple has hired them to capture.

Smart phones pose another issue and that is social media apps.  Wedding images may be leaked through guests’ social media posts before the approval of the newly wed couple.  Also be cautious not to slip any sneak peaks of the bride or groom before the ceremony.

Ann touches on the most important argument to go unplugged during your wedding ceremony, she shares “it’s also been sad to watch the progression from seeing smiling, encouraging and happy faces as the bride is escorted up the aisle to faces hidden behind the backs of cameras and cell phones that line the aisle.”

Social Media Friendly:  The other argument is to embrace technology and encourage guests to interact with the wedding planning process and during the actual wedding day via social media apps.  There are several apps, free or paid, that guests and wedding party members can download and interact with together from the wedding announcement right up until the actual wedding day.

Apps like Wedding Snap, Wedding Party, Wed Social (see bridalguide.com’s app post or more) let you build your own profile and share photos.  Some apps allow the bride and groom to share their story along with introducing members of their bridal party.  The most popular feature of these specific apps is the ability for guests to take and share photos the day of the wedding.  Gone are the days of leaving out disposable cameras!

The supporting points to a social media friendly wedding are guests can be encouraged to utilize and have fun with technology trends  in the right ways.  Using a customized wedding app guests and the wedding party can become members of a group capturing and sharing images of the newly weds’ special day from multiple perspectives.  Something the couple can enjoy the day of and many days after the wedding.

Which argument wins?  Both have strong points and supporting factors, but the verdict truly lines in what is best for the engaged couple planning their wedding.  Perhaps even both win.  An unplugged ceremony focusing on the intimacy of the couple’s vows and a reception that lets loose and allows everyone to connect and share virally.