Twilight Wedding Inspiration

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are known by millions as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen of the Twilight Sagas.  The recent Breaking Dawn installments have fans and the wedding world talking.  Whether you are a true Twilight fan or just looking to recreate some of the elements from the stunning rustic wedding theme, we have some Twilight wedding inspiration just for you.

Edward and Bella’s relationship is the classic story of two star crossed lovers joined in a beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony.  To capture the romance and intimacy of their special day you need to look for wedding styling that incorporates rustic, earth tones and vintage accents.

Twilight wedding inspiration

An outdoor woodsy setting is the perfect venue for a Twilight inspired wedding.  If you can’t pull an outdoor location make sure to include a lot of natural décor items and rich earth tones into your fabrics as backdrops.  Dimmed lighting is a must with scattered romantically lit candles in various heights and styles, stick, votive and tea lights.  Twinkle lights strung through tree branches will also help to set a romantic ambiance.

Twilight wedding inspiration

For Twilight inspiration in wedding décor items look to mix natural elements, earth tones and vintage glass and metals.  Natural elements like branches, moss runners or balls, flower stems and petals and crystals.  Branches can be utilized from outdoor venues or brought into your décor in centerpiece arrangements.  The classic and romantic chandelier hung from the tree branches in our inspiration photo is a stunning décor option; the mix of high end elegance with rustic, natural elements is a statement piece.

For your wedding palette look for rich, deep browns and greens with accents of neutral tones like white, cream in wedding flowers.  Vintage place settings, glass with metal candle sticks in various styles adds to the romantic elegance.  For a creative DIY name place card use apples with names carve into the skins, as seen in our inspiration photo from the apple place cards also reference Twilight movie covers.

For more Twilight wedding inspired decor check out’s line of vintage inspired metal and glass candle holders, moss twig domes, moss balls and runners, DIY wedding flower bouquets in white

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