Top 9 Wedding Trends for 2013

With the New Year just around the corner, brides everywhere are looking for insight into what 2013’s biggest wedding trends will be. Pin-worthy wedding ideas, DIY wedding decorations, and budget themed weddings were all the craze last year, these themes are leading the way for more the diverse, unique trends of 2013.




















You see it everywhere. It’s versatile hue opens many design doors, including fabrics, flowers, and all things stationary.

The Roaring 20’s

Gatsby is making a comeback. Decadence and elegance are the high notes of this upcoming wedding season, and will be depicted through dropped waist dresses, strands of pearls, and mounds of ivory lace.

To The Birds

Lately, birds have become a trademark in interior décor as well as in the ever-changing world of wedding ideas. This season you will see an influx of bird related décor items as well as bird themed invitations and feather inspired jewelry.

Garland, Paper Lanterns, & Bark

DIY weddings are in everyone’s favor this season. With the economy still straggling behind, high priced wedding ideas are just not feasible for many couples. Therefore, bring on the DIY.  Garland and paper lanterns are inexpensive décor items that add character to almost any wedding, while bark is a great statement piece for more rustic weddings.



The hottest hair trend throughout 2012’s blockbusters will be an every present staple in 2013’s wedding season.  Loose flowing braids accompanied with elegant dropping curls will accentuate a bride no matter the theme of the wedding.

Low Key Shindigs

With large over the top weddings popping up all over, many couples are bound to rebel in favor of quaint soirees and small family weddings.  With less pressure and less “stuff” couples will be able to spend their money wisely.


The most prominent hue of fall will cascade into early 2013 weddings. Accompanied with deep red and gold accents this color creates an elegant, adaptable color palette.


Patterns and Prints

From stripes to chevron, and paisley to polka dots, prints and patterns are everywhere. Bridesmaid’s dresses, table runners, and everything made of fabric will be plastered with patterns this upcoming wedding season.

Florals, Florals, & Florals

The timeless staple of weddings is trending in soft shades of yellow, gray, ivory, and pastels. The flowers for this upcoming wedding year are true to season and more elegant than ever.  The “just picked from the garden” theme will explode as well as vibrant summer blooms at the farmer’s market for all those DIY brides out there.