Top 6 Money Saving Tips

You’ve gone from 1 to 2 incomes, and you think you’re rolling in the dough. More often than not, what has really happened is you’ve inherited your spouse’s debt. With student loans, credit cards, cars and house payment, your income may have doubled, but so have your bills. Here are some ways to save money so that you can start chipping away at that debt.

Cancel Your Cable
Do you really need 785 channels? If you do, stick with your cable or satellite. If you find yourself flipping through the channels and still can’t decide on something to watch, try canceling and subscribing to Hulu or Netflix. For about $8/month each you can watch many of the same shows without the pricey provider or DVR costs.


Making meals at home instead of eating out will save money on food, as well as the cost of gas to and from the restaurant.

Shop Smart
Make a list of meals you want to make for a week or 2, and include any ingredients you will need from the store. Most grocery stores will list their weekly sales on their websites, so check those before heading out. Clip coupons from your local paper, or try websites like Also, making larger grocery trips less often can help keep you from purchasing unnecessary little items on the trips you make multiple times a week. And never grocery shop hungry.

Program Your Thermostat
Switching to a digital thermostat can save you money. Program it to keep your home a few degrees cooler when you aren’t there. An upfront cost initially can decrease what you pay for your heating bill long term.


Unplug Items Not In Use
Even though you’re not using that toaster, if it’s plugged in, it’s using electricity. Unplug household items when you’re not using them to lower the cost of your electric bill.

Date For Less
Do you hate spending $50 or more at the movies? Try going to a matinee where your ticket prices will be lower, and eat at home first so you aren’t tempted to fill up at the concession counter. You can also ask for gift cards to movies, restaurants, etc. as birthday and holiday gifts to cut down on date night spending.

Have fun trying these money saving tips, happy nuptials!