Top 5 Date Ideas for Married Couples

If you’re anything like my husband and me, you’re getting a little stir crazy staying in and staying warm in the middle of winter. Here are some ways to get up and get out of the house for a bit while spending some quality time with your hubs!

Dinner and a Movie

This is a pretty traditional date, but it can be an easy way to start a date night routine for the two of you.  Maybe you want to go out once a week, every other week, whatever it may be.  Keep an eye out for the latest movies that are premiering, stop by your favorite restaurant, stock up on snacks, and you’re all set!


Search Local Museums

Have you grown tired of the dinner and a movie routine?  Check out some museums around your city.  This can be a fun way to change things up, bring a little culture into your life, and give you a good excuse to dress up!

Take a Walk

If you can brave the cold, winter provides some pretty amazing scenery.  So the next time it snows, grab a nice, warm dinner, bundle up and head outside.  Seeing the downtown lights while hand-in-hand with your guy, drinking hot chocolate…romantic, don’t you think?


Watch a Game

Change up your sports-watching routine by going to a local pub.  Indulge in bar food, enjoy drinks, and cheer on your favorite team!

Rent a Movie

OK, so maybe you’re perfectly fine staying indoors to wait out the cold.  You can still make a date at home!  Order a pizza or some Chinese take-out, snuggle up on the couch and watch a little rom-com!



Between work, family and other obligations, life can get busy, quickly.  Regardless of how you decide to do it, just remember to set aside some quality time for the two of you to focus on YOU.



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