T’jae’s Clover Green and Purple Wedding Inspiration Board

T’jae writes:
“Hey Ladies!
I am having my wedding at the end of December 2010. I’m needing a little help with picking out flowers to go with my Maid of Honor’s dress as well as going with mine. I would like the colors to be a clover-y green with a dark-ish purple. Any help?

T’jae, I created your board with flowers in greens and darker purples — I love this color combination! I think the bouquets would look great made up with green and purple hydrangeas, plum purple roses, and green bells of ireland accents. Complete the bouquets by adding a green ribbon around the bouquet stems and perhaps accented with a bouquet jewel or colored pearl pins. I hope this helps!

Dresses from David’s Bridal. Items used to create T’jae’s Clover Green and Purple Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Light Green Gerbera Daisy, Dark Violet Gerbera Daisy, Moss Green Wood Curl Pomander Ball, Green Satin Edge Chiffon Ribbon, Plum Purple Hydrangea, Green Bells of Ireland, Plum Purple Open Rose, Light Green Premium Hydrangea.