Tisha’s Butterfly and Blue Wedding Inspiration Board

Tisha writes:
“Hi LeAnne, my friend Nia has asked me to write to you and ask you for your help with her wedding as you have helped so many other brides to be. The colours she has decided upon are royal, light and marine blue. Her mockbride will be carrying a kissing ball, and she is asking for ideas of how to decorate the ball. She has chosen a butterfly theme as she adores them so. Please give any suggestions in helping my friend with her wedding.
Thank you again.”

Tisha, I created your inspiration board with flowers in various shades of blue. I made sure to include butterfly picks as well. I also added a white and yellow flower on the board in case Nia would like to include other colors. For the bouquets, why not make them using blue roses, blue hydrangea (1-2 different shades of blue), and white and blue butterfly accents. Wrap a white or blue ribbon around the bouquet stems. For the kissing ball, you could make it the same as the bouquets — using both roses and hydrangeas, or keep it simple by using just the roses. Use the butterflies as beautiful accents sticking out of the kissing ball like they are in flight over the flowers. Check out some kissing ball how-to’s here: Flower Kissing Balls
I hope this helps!

Dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Tisha’s Butterfly and Blue Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Blue Hydrangea, Blue Hydrangea, Soft Yellow Half Opening Rose, Navy Blue Satin Ribbon, White Foam Calla Lily, Blue Pearl Headed Pins, Premium Blue Open Rose, Butterfly Pick in White Green, Butterfly Pick in Blue.