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Don’t you just love getting inside information?  I’m a planner, I like to know what to expect and love a good tip on ways to save or smarter planning.’s Allie McKenna’s recent blog post “Brides on a Budget: 8 Priceless Tips to Consider” gives a run down on Martha Stewart Weddings list of 55 tips to trim your wedding.  Here’s a few tips on how to save without “cutting out the good stuff”.

When it comes to saving even more on wedding flowers consider the following two tips.  Planning seasonal wedding flowers a great way to save on supply costs are to“embellish wedding bouquets and centerpieces with seasonal flair like pine cones and red berries.”  Second when it comes to wedding flower centerpieces “instead of decorating tables with huge centerpieces with large arrangements, you can float a few flowers in a bowl or glass for a simple, yet romantic effect.”

Wedding flower arrangement budget savers

Allie highlights several other fabulous and genius ideas to save money on wedding costs from Martha Stewart Weddings.  “Ask for help; if you happen to know someone who’s artistic ask them to design something for your wedding” She makes note to say no bride whats to rack up debit using credit cards to pay for wedding day needs but do consider “opening a credit card that will provide frequent-flyer miles toward your honeymoon.”

Allie hits on two trends when it comes to planning your wedding flowers.  Incorporate the right embellishments and greenery into your wedding flower arrangements to save you on the cost and quantity of supplies.  Secondly, less is more can look fabulous when designed and planned the right way.  Submersible wedding flower arrangements are a popular choice for a fresh, chic decor look.  Don’t forget to add floating candles or submersible floralytes.

Ask a friend with an artistic eye or crafty hand to help design and arrange your DIY wedding flowers, you’ll save money on a florists and be able to create your own personalized look.  I love Allie’s last featured tip.  Even when ordering bulk wedding flowers to save on your budget rack up a few extra perks for yourself by using a credit card that offers rewards for your purchases.

Submersible wedding flower arrangements

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