Tiffany’s Wine and Pearl Wedding Inspiration Board

Tiffany writes:
“Hello my name is Tiffany and I am getting married Oct 8 this year and have no idea what flowers would go with my bridesmaids dresses. Please help! Thanks so much.

My colors are wine and pearl but would love feedback if there is another color that goes well with wine. :)”

Tiffany, I created your inspiration board with flowers in a pink tone (that is very close to the wine dresses), cream, and pinks. I personally think a light pink mixed with cream/pearl and wine looks amazing. So soft and romantic! An idea for your bouquets would be to create them using pink peonies, raspberry ranunculus, lilac apple blossoms, and cream roses. Add the pearl hanging sprays for a gorgeous accent. I hope this helps!

Dress from David’s Bridal.

Items used to create Tiffany’s Wine and Pearl Wedding Flower Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

12″ Pearl Hanging Spray in Pearl White – SLK-GTP623-WH/P

23″ Premium Open Rose in Pink – SLK-FR2007-PK

22.5″ Princess Mary Rose Bud in Violet – SLK-FSR352-VI

28″ Peony Spray in Two Tone Pink – SLK-FSP355-PK/TT

23″ Premium Open Rose in Cream – SLK-FR2007-CR

22″ Ranunculus in Raspberry Glaze – WIN-06000-RAG

24″ Apple Blossom in Lilac Cream – SLK-GTB182-LL/CR

1/2″ Iridescent Ribbon With Silver Edges – GYR-9303-43