Tiffany’s Eggplant Purple and Ivory Wedding Inspiration Board

Tiffany writes:
“Well my wedding is coming up in February and I just left your site and have an order ready to be place I would like to see the colors and flowers together. They are plum or eggplant. I picked the anemones for this one ivory, gray, black, and pops of silver. Can you create a board for me using these it will totally help?”

Tiffany, I created your board using flowers in shades of purple and ivory. I made sure to include lots of anemones, and also added some roses. I think anemones are truly stunning flowers, even on there own! I think the bouquets would look wonderful created with different purple and cream anemones. If you’d like to add another flower, why not use ivory roses and various purple anemone? Wrap a black ribbon around the bouquet stems and accent with silver pins to bring in the other wedding colors. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Items used to create Tiffany’s Eggplant Purple and Ivory Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

12.5″ Hand-Tied Anemone Bouquet – SLK-FBQ443-PU/CR

11″ Anemone and Rose Bouquet – SLK-FBQ341-LV/PU

23″ Anemone Spray in Cream – SLK-GTA043-CR

2″ Corsage Pins in Pewter Silver – SMI-0962

1 5/16″ Wired Satin Ribbon in Black – GYR-142-9-31

14.5″ Anemone Spray in Purple – SLK-GTA012-PU

27″ Open Rose in Vanilla Cream – SLK-GTR501-CR

14.5″ Anemone Spray in Eggplant – SLK-GTA012-EG