Three Must Have Conversations With Your Partner

In the midst of planning your wedding, the dress, the flowers, music, seating chart, have you thought about your marriage? Here are some topics you might want to discuss as you approach your big day.

Starting a family

Do you want children? How many? Does your hubby-to-be want kids? Have you talked about when you might want to start having kids? Well before you have children is the time to start a conversation about how you want to raise them, reward them, discipline them, etc.


If you don’t live together before you’re married, you might want to start thinking about the means by which you’ll live. Is one of you a saver, the other a spender? Now is the time to start reaching a common ground. Will you live in a house or an apartment? Does one of you already own a home? And is the other OK with moving into that home? Will you redecorate to make it a home in which you’ve both had a say?

Maybe you already live together, but are discussing combining debt and income. Will you add each other’s names to bank accounts and investments? Or are you both OK with keeping those separate?


While you most likely will have plenty of time to make decisions about this, it doesn’t hurt to start talking about a schedule for family time during the holidays. It can be stressful when both sides are fighting for time with you. Start out with a game plan, stay open to compromise, and pick your battles. Your spouse needs to be your number one, so do what is best for the two of you as a couple.

Planning a wedding, while it can be stressful, is a lot of fun. Try not to lose sight of what you’re really getting ready for. These are just a few things to think about to prepare beyond the big day!