The Best Summer Wedding Flowers

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When it comes to choosing your wedding flowers, there’s a lot to learn. Every Tuesday, we’ll feature all you need to know about an in-season flower. From colors and care to costs and all sorts of wedding floral design inspiration, we’re your “best bud.”

This week, we’re rounding up the popular wedding flowers that are in season for summer weddings!

The best summer wedding flowers

The best summer wedding flowers
Hydrangeas. Ranging in color from white and pink to purple, blue, and green, hydrangeas are extremely versatile. We love that these blooms are bountiful and full, giving you more for your money. Our ideal bouquet? White hydrangeas with dusty miller and Virginia bluebells.

Roses. Known as the most romantic of all the blooms, roses signify passion and lust. Perfect for black tie affairs and garden parties alike, roses will add a touch of love to any bouquet. Try English roses for an extra-lush look.

Gerbera daisies. These vibrant flowers are sure to add a little cheer to your wedding. Gerbera daisies bloom year-round and come in a range of colors. Great for casual spring ceremonies, we suggest a bouquet of white Gerbera daisies, yellow roses, and billy buttons.

Poppies. Available in a variety of colors, poppies are bright and fun! Their petals and wiry stems make them easy to work with, and they will add a lush look to your bouquet or centerpieces. We love the idea of paring poppies with tiny white daisies or colorful ranunculus.

Spider mums. These whimsical blooms are as cost effective as they as they are playful. Pair spider mums with a more pricey bloom like white roses or freesia for a stunning bouquet.

Orchids. Simple and delicate, orchids add a touch of feminine flair to any bouquet or centerpiece. For a ladylike look, try mixing both pink and white orchids in your bouquet.

Peonies. Romantic and fragrant, these blooms signify good fortune and a happy marriage — perfect for a wedding bouquet. Peonies range in color from red to white, but peonies tend to be pricey. Our favorite peony bouquet is a soft mix of light pink peonies, white garden roses, and sprigs of dusty miller.

Cosmos. These bitty blooms may be small, but they can make a huge impact in your bouquet. Add richly-colored cosmos to your bouquet of wildflowers for a bohemian vibe.

Calla lilies. Ever-popular among brides, calla lilies signify divinity, true devotion, and marital bliss. Even when they are in season in the spring and winter, calla lilies can be expensive. We recommend carrying a simple bouquet of just a few calla lilies tied together with an elegant ribbon.

Dahlias. Known for its brightly colored single or double blooms, the dahlia signifies change (perfect for newlyweds, right)? We love the look of a rustic bouquet filled with dahlia, eucalyptus and dusty miller.

Lilies. Elegant in appearance and signifying everything from passion to purity, lilies are a fragrant addition to your wedding. Since their blooms are so large, you can get a big impact for a small price.