Terri’s Burnt Orange & Plum Inspiration Board

Terri writes: “I am planning a December wedding.  My fiancé is in the National Guard and can’t decide if he wants to wear his dress blues or not, so I am leaning towards more of just black dress pants and dress shirts. Our colors are Lapis and Burnt Orange (for now LOL) Please create an inspiration board for me so I can decide if that is what I want to go with. Thanks Terri

I am not so sure on a theme. This will be the first marriage for the both of us. He is 25 years old and works in the automotive field full time and as I mentioned before he is in the national guard. He has one deployment to Iraq under his belt. He enjoys demolition derby and car restoration. I am 29 years old and I work full time as an LPN in clinical research. I enjoy horseback riding. We are both born and raised in the same small town. Our wedding will be nothing too fancy but we both want an actual ceremony. Any ideas or help you may be able to offer will be greatly appreciated.

We are having the reception inside only due to the time of year(Dec). Fav colors: mine- purple, his- blue or green. Flower- so far I have found that I like orange dahlias and purple calla lilies. So I guess I like traditional and/or bright …traditional because I do like the look of calla lilies, and bright with the dahlias. You are a God send. I am not a girly girl so I haven’t been planning my wedding in my head my entire life. … so it makes it more difficult.” Thanks Terri

Terri,  We are so happy for your hubby-to-be and thank him greatly for his service to our country.  I created your inspiration board with the bright colors (Orange & Purple) you selected.  You requested that I include Purple Calla Lilies and Orange Dahlias. These colors combined are both elegant and simple.  You could accent your bouquet with Plum Roses , Yellow Calla Lilies and Green Berries(to add a little of his favorite color).  To complete your bouquet, add bouquet accents & wrap with sheer satin ribbon.  I also included a premade bouquet that compliments your color scheme &  would be perfect for your bridesmaids to carry.