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{Tawana’s Request}
My pew decorations will consist of 3 rolled ribbon roses in the color of plum, silver and orchid. I want to incorporate some silk flowers with the ribbon roses. I was thinking of using the ranunculus nosegay bouquet taking it apart using the flowers adding the mini green ranunculus for a little color and adding shades of purple flowers to go with it. I don’t want all dark purple flowers so I was thinking the white would brighten it up some since it is a spring wedding.

If I do not use the nosegay above mentioned, I thought about the 7″ ranunculus corsage since it has other flowers with it and incorporate it with other shades of purple flowers. They are inexpensive and would only cost me around 13.00 as a starter for the pew decor.  Will take place in a chapel that is pretty much decorated already just want to add my own special touches. Any suggestions that you give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tawana Smith

{Tawana’s Pew Decoration Details}
Here are several examples of silk flower pew decorations.  The first is a quick and easy example from The Knot via Not Just Brides.  Try using one large flower bloom in your color palette, such as a Hydrangea, or a premade Corsage and attach to our elegant Satin Ribbon.   The second example from The Ranunculus Adventures is filling small pew Buckets with flowers.  You and separate a premade Purple Bridal Bouquet or Bush to save on your budget.  The last helpful hint is from Wedding By Color is to hang Kissing~Pomander Balls on every other pew on each side of the aisle and connect with Tulle Streamers.  You can easily add your ribbon roses to each of these examples.  Happy Planning, Mindy





  1. Wow, I would not have guessed that the hydrangea pew decorations were silk. Very realistic. I am a huge believe in using artificial plants, flowers, and greenery–like ivy, as wedding decor. But only as long as it looks realistic, as it does here!

    1. Emily, Silk flowers and greenery are more realistic today than ever. The inspiration photos used in this post are real flowers, but all of the floral stems are silk flowers from Afloral. Thanks for your input. Mindy

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