Tania’s Guava Pink, Coral, and Champagne Inspiration Board

Tania writes:
I came across your site and fell in love with the prices on your silk flowers!!! I am getting married on May 29, 2010 and I am still struggling with deciding on what flowers will look better for my bridesmaid bouquet and centerpieces. Please help me with picking the right colors and flowers. My wedding colors are Guava, Coral and Champagne. Thank you for your help! I will look forward to seeing what my inspiration board will look like!

Tania, I created your inspiration board with flowers in shades of pink, peach (coral), and champagne. I used roses, peonies, and even an orchid. I love the color combination of pink and peach/coral, and think peonies really look great in theses shades — so romantic. For your wedding arrangements, why not create them using the antique pink and peach peonies, vanilla roses, and orchids as accents. You could even incorporate antique gold pins into the look. I hope this helps give you some ideas!

Bridesmaids dress from David’s Bridal. Items used to create Tania’s Guava Pink, Coral, and Champagne Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwises starting at top left):

Antique Pink Peony, Gold Triple Pearl Headed Pins, Peach Cream Confetti Rose Bouquet, Ivory Rose Petal Confetti, Light Pink Satin Edge Ribbon, Premium Vanilla Rose, Antique Peach Peony, Champagne Vanda Orchid, Smoked Pink Open Rose.


  1. Hi,

    My name is Tasma and I’m getting married in December, but I’m still confuse about my colors and flowers choices.so far I have chosen colors as guava,clover but I’m not sure if i want to use dull preach or yellow..flowers i have chosen so far are roses,carnation.i do love the inspiration board above that you have created… I’m asking for your help and cant wait to see what my inspiration board will look like…

    Thank you

    1. Hey Tasma,
      Everyone has been going crazy over guava and clover will be a nice bright accent color. Let me take a look at our selection for peach and yellow and see which will look the best. Thanks for your request and I will email you when your board is complete. In the meantime if you have any questions, you can email me directly at mindy@afloral.com.

  2. would guava and peach, guava and lime green, or guava and champagne look best? cant wait to see my inspiration board. thank you!

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