Tammy’s Sapphire Blue and Orange Wedding Inspiration Board

Tammy writes:
“I am getting married on February 26th, 2011 and am really in some need for flower ideas. My girls are wearing Dark Saphire blue and my son is going to wear a burnt orange shirt with black vest and pants to give me away as it is his favorite color. Now my problem is I love the bird of paradise and want that as my main flower and need to use my flowers to blend everything together. I also want the flowers to be wrapped in ribbons so we can hold on to the stems…Your advice and ideas would be most needed and appreciated!!!!!
Lots of thank you’s in advance, Tammy”

Tammy, I created your inspiration board with flowers in blue and orange — making sure to include the bird of paradise flower. For the bouquets, why not make them using the orange calla lilies and bird of paradise with the blue roses and hydrangea! The mix of tropical and regular flowers will be beautiful and blue and orange colors together will be stunning! Wrap a blue ribbon around the bouquet stems to complete the look and perhaps accent that with ivory or orange pearl headed pins. I hope you like your inspiration board!

Dress from Dessy. Items used to create Tammy’s Sapphire Blue and Orange Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Blue Metallic Berry Spray, Ivory Triple Pearl Pins, Rust Hydrangea Bouquet, Blue Satin Edge Chiffon Ribbon, Blue Anemone, Orange Bird of Paradise, Blue Hydrangea, Orange Calla Lily, Premium Blue Open Rose.


  1. I thank you so much for your ideas and thoughts! I really appreicate it and am so pleased with the outcome! Many thanks again for the ideas


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