Tai’s Black, White, and Aqua Wedding Inspiration Board

Tai writes:
“Hello there.
I need your help! I am a flower moron!! My colors are aqua(pool blue), black, and white. The back theme to the wedding is butterflies. I am going for pops of color to offset the black and the aqua and I am having a hard time with flower arrangements for my centerpieces. My dress is a line with lace and sparkle, ivory in color. Pink is fantastic and I would love to add that into my decor, maybe some orange too?? I have this idea of hanging flowers off fake branches that are coming out of a small bouquet of flowers along with some small butterflies. I want my reception to be bright, cheery and classy without looking like a crayola box threw up in the room 🙂
Thanks for your help!!
September 2010 Bride

Tai, I created your inspiration board with flowers in white, aqua, pink, yellow, and even a hint of orange. I absolutely love a bright pink paired with the pool blue color, however in my opinion, I think adding yellow flowers would really make the arrangements “pop.” Orange is also beautiful, but doesn’t seem to go as well with the pink and aqua. I did include an orange flower on the board so you could take a look at them all together. I also love your idea of the branches complete with flowers and butterflies. Very unique and it will look great! For the wedding arrangements, why not create them using turquoise gerbera daisies, fuchsia roses and orchids, yellow roses, and accent with the white stephanotis. I hope this board helps give you some ideas!

Items used to create Tai’s Black, White, and Aqua Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

36-38″ Natural Birch Branches – KNU-33714901

27″ Suzette Open Rose in Fuchsia – SLK-HSR344-FU

26″ Half Opening Rose in Soft Yellow – SLK-GTR006-YE/SO

28″ Ecuador Open Rose in White – SLK-GSG037-WH

20.5″ Stephanotis Spray in White – SLK-GSS876-WH

21.5″ Gerbera Daisy in Turquoise – SLK-GTD572-TQ

30″ Peony Spray in Snowy White – SLK-GSP403-WH/SN

32″ Phalaenopsis Orchid in Fuchsia – SLK-GTO300-FU

21″ Gerbera Daisy Spray in Yellow – SLK-FSD801-YE

22″ White Butterfly and Feather Pick – SLK-AF8290-WH

29″ Phalaenopsis Orchid in Orange – SLK-GTO004-OR/TT