Tahiyya’s Blue and Orange Wedding Inspiration Board

Tahiyya writes:

I saw your website and loved the boards you had up so I thought I would email you for suggestions!

The wedding will be a brunch/tea style wedding in early summer. I wanted the flowers to be elegant but have a splash of summer colors. I love blue and oranges together. Also, I love cala lilies but I have no idea what other flowers to mix with them.

Thank you so much!

Tahiiyya, I created your inspiration board with several different flower types in blues and oranges — I too love this color combination — it’s so striking!! I think the bouquets would look great made up with orange calla lilies (I put 2 different orange colored callas on the board in case you like 1 more than the other), orange roses, and blue hydrangea or iris. Wrap a bold blue ribbon around the bouquet stems to complete the look. I hope this helps!

Dress from Moonlight Bridal. Items used to create Tahiyya’s Blue and Orange Wedding Inspiration Board from Afloral.com (clockwise starting at top left):

Blue Hydrangea (coming soon), Orange Calla Lily, Blue Iris Bush, Orange Open Rose, Blue Cosmos Spray, Flame Calla Lily, Orange Garden Lily.