Susie’s Ivory Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration Board

Susie writes:
I am getting married Oct, 8 2011. We are going to have a morning ceremony at 9:30 followed by a brunch at an historic B&B. I still would like to use the autumn’s color, the flowers and fruits that are going to be in season and even the use of dried grasses. The celebration been yield in the morning I wish to stay more with soft tone of the fall colors. I can’t pick flowers that I prefer, as how could we pick a favorite when we like them all! So little help and I trust your talent as every board you had create is beautiful.

The antique dinning room colour is ivory, champagne and gold. The overall look I am hoping is elegant and vintage,to compliment and stay in harmony with the B&B.

The wedding will be small and intimate, less that 25 guests and each will have a boutonniere / corasage. Using colors and flowers that will compliment the centerpieces and decoration of the dinning room.

I am crafty and creative and can’t wait to see my inspiration board.

Thanks in advance!

Susie, I created your inspiration board with mostly ivory flowers as well as others in more muted fall tones. I think your bouquets would look beautiful and elegant made up of ivory roses, cream peonies, with tan hydrangea and grass onion grass accents. To me, vintage is less color in the flowers. Bring in hints of the fall tone with a soft fall colored ribbon around the bouquet stems and pearl pins. You could also then use the tan hydrangea and ivory rose buds for the corsages and boutonnieres. A small hydrangea cluster for the boutonnieres maybe, and a small hydrangea cluster and one rose bud for the corsages. I hope this helps!

Dress from Romantic Gowns. Items used to create Susie’s Ivory Fall Wedding Flower Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Ivory English Rose and Mum Bouquet, Amber Magnolia, Tan Hydrangea, Dried Look Ivory Rose Bud, Light Yellow Sunflower, Ivory Triple Pearl Pins, Green Onion Grass, Cream Peony.