Steph’s Cobalt Blue and White Wedding Inspiration Board

Steph writes:
“Hi there;

My name is Stephanie and I am totally stuck when it comes to choosing flowers and complimenting colours for my June wedding.
I know that I would like to use white and cobalt/royal blue. I know that I would really like to use white cala lillies. I am trying to keep a “natural look” in theme and colours for my wedding but I’m finding just the blue and white to be too bland for my taste. I like to be a little edgey and unique. Please help!


Stephanie, I created your inspiration board with flowers in blue, white, as well and pink and yellow accent colors. Both the pink and yellow are nice bold colors that look great with cobalt blue! For the bouquets, why not create them using white roses, white calla lilies, blue hydrangea, and yellow or pink stargazer lilies. You wouldn’t have to use many lilies, even 1 or 2 would be sufficient, but they would really make the bouquets “pop,” especially next to the blue dresses! You could then wrap a blue ribbon (or ribbon the same as your accent color), around the stems to complete the look. I hope you like your inspiration board!

Bridal Gown from Sottero and Midgley. Items used to create Steph’s Cobalt Blue and White Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Yellow Lily, White Yellow Orchid, Daffodil Garbo Ribbon, White Triple Pearl Pins, Pink Fuchsia Phalaenopsis, Blue Garbo Ribbon, Rubrum Stargazer, Blue Hydrangea, White Foam Calla Lily, White Ecuador Rose, Premium Blue Rose.


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