Stephanie’s Mauve, Pink, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board

Stephanie writes:
“Hi, I was wondering if you could make an inspiration board for me? I wanted to do an antique style bouquet, with blush colors, like mauve and I love love love peonies! I was thinking cream, mauve, and maybe a sage-y green but I didn’t know if the cream would be too far off from my dress?
Thanks for your help! I look forward to the inspiration board!

Stephanie, I created your inspiration board with shades of pink in mauve and berry, touches of cream, and a light green. I think this soft, romantic color combination is beautiful and will look great against the darker colored dresses! I think peonies are a gorgeous flower too, and using them will really bring an antique feel to the bouquets. Perhaps create your bouquets using green, cream fuchsia (berry), and rose cream peonies — and simply accent with something like the lilac apple blossoms to bring out the deeper tones without going too dark. I hope this helps!

Items used to create Stephanie’s Mauve, Pink, and Green Wedding Inspiration Board from (clockwise starting at top left):

Rose Cream Peony, Cream Fuchsia Peony, Green Open Rose, Premium Mauve Pink Hydrangea, Green Peony, Lilac Cream Apple Blossom, Light Pink Satin Edge Ribbon.