Small Gatherings….Weddings Close To The Heart

When you close your eyes, what does your wedding day look like to you?  Do you envision a large lavish affair with hundreds, or an intimate gathering of your closest family and friends?   We have decided to explore the details of an Intimate Wedding to see the benefits.


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Your photographer will be able to capture each and every moment, from getting ready, to the last dance of the night.   They get to spend more time with you and your guests which make the photos more personal.  A group shot can be taken in a single photo.


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Create an intimate dining setting.  A communal table, where the wedding party and all of the guests can dine together as one, allows the  Bride & Groom to be a part of all the interesting dinner conversation.  Upgrade your catered menu.  With fewer guests to feed, you can choose a higher priced plate and pick the wedding cake of your dreams.


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The sky’s the limit when choosing your venues.  Family and close friends are more willing to pay for the cost to travel to your chosen destination.  Unique destinations such as, the library, museums, or even the zoo, will be available because many sites are restricted by the amount of guests you invite.

A special thanks to Shang Chen Photography for giving me a personal perspective on the positive aspects of photographing an intimate wedding.  Your input was greatly appreciated!