Silk Wedding Flowers: Orchid Arrangements

I have to say I’m in love.  The white orchid, hydrangea, calla lily and peacock feather wedding flower bouquet Mindy found at Heart Love Weddings for her Wednesday Inspiration Board, it’s gorgeous.

Orchids are a popular wedding flower choice among brides.  They are unique yet at the same classic and beautiful.  Orchids are a favorite wedding flower for bouquets like the gorgeous one shared in Mindy’s post and wedding centerpieces and arrangements.  They are also ideal for another hot wedding trend, submersible wedding flower arrangements.  Emily M. blogging at shares how to get the most of these two wedding trends in her DIY Wedding Flower: Orchid Centerpieces post.

Emily starts off by stating, “Clusters of submerged orchid centerpieces are a favorite of modern brides.  Who can blame them?”.  She goes on to suggest using silk wedding flowers for an easy DIY wedding project. “Anytime you’re embarking on a do-it-yourself wedding project, you want time to be on your side, in order to make sure you’re happy with the end result.  To that end, I recommend using silk orchids and greenery to create your centerpieces.  This way you can get to work weeks in advance without facing the problem of wilting.”

Emily shares good advice, silk wedding flowers give you the same beauty as real flowers at a fraction of the cost and they’ll put time on your side.  Order your flowers months in advance and have all the time you want to put together your own DIY wedding flower arrangements.  Both orchid wedding flowers and calla lily wedding flowers make beautiful submersible arrangements.  Add a candle for an intriguing play on elements, the natural beauty of the silk wedding flowers, the weightlessness of water, glass and reflections of the candle’s flames.  An arrangement sure to set a romantic tone at any wedding.

photo credits: submersible white orchid centerpiece, submersible orchid with river rocks, pink submersible, calla lily arrangement


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