Use Your Silk Wedding Flowers As A Keepsake Purple-Boutonniere

Countless hours and unmeasurable amounts of effort are put into designing and arranging your wedding day decor.

Hours of your time are put into items that will be displayed for one day’s event.  With a little forethought and a bit of the right planning you can continue to enjoy your wedding flowers and wedding decor long after your special day.

Planning the right wedding decor items that can be reused, recycled or re-purposed is budget friendly, green and just plain smart. Many brides are going green, that is not just referring to their wedding colors or wedding flowers.  Brides are looking for items that can be re-purposed and reused on and after their wedding day. showed us some gorgeous ideas to re-purpose vintage finds to create a romantic, vintage rose wedding theme.  Read more about how to score great vintage finds and transform them into a beautiful wedding theme in our vintage wedding design ideas post.

Silk wedding flowers are another great wedding decor item that are affordable and able to be reused after you special day.  Silk wedding flower arrangements are gorgeous, yet budget friendly options that also leave you with a special keepsake.  Silk flowers are an option you can enjoy for years to come. green wedding ideas

Brides can incorporate their wedding flower centerpieces into attractive home decor.  Take a look at’s green wedding ideas and wedding centerpiece idea, it’s recycled wooden crate is a huge hit for home decor right now combined with a fresh look of greenery, branches and trendy kissing ball accents. Wedding flower centerpieces can also be broken down into smaller arrangements to be used around your new home as accents.

Or think outside of the vase and find a way to re-purpose your wedding flowers.  You can use select flowers to decorate a home accent wreath or basket.  Take part of your silk wedding flowers and place them for display in a shadow box for a unique use. pink, blush vintage wedding ideas

Your wedding flowers are not only a  special keepsake for you but also consider making them into a keepsake for you mother, mother in law or other family and friends.  Seen in’s pink and blush (vintage) wedding ideas, a rose bloom inside a vintage tea cup would make a beautiful keepsake.  Your mother and mother in law will enjoy this thoughtful gift. It will hold special memories for years to come.

Silk wedding flowers are an affordable option that will also hold onto all your hard work you put into their planning.  Pick a wedding flower option that you can enjoy days, weeks, years after your special day.  There’s an old wedding practice to put a piece of your cake in the freezer to take out to celebrate your anniversary.  That cake might make it past your 1st year anniversary, but silk wedding flowers will outlast any cake for many years to come.

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