Better Than The Real Thing! Five Reasons Why Silk Flowers Beat Fresh in 2014

When you hear the word “silk flowers“, what comes to mind? Before I started working for, I pictured dull, fake, plastic looking stems with a flimsy flower on top. Definitely not lifelike, and totally not something I would want at my wedding.

But then, everything changed. I was introduced to the gorgeous, “not your Grandma’s” silk flowers at One of the first beauties I ran across was the breathtaking Sophia Rose. Not to be a drama queen, but this stem took my breath away.

Red Rose Wedding Table Centerpiece
Learn how to make this gorgeous wedding table centerpiece at


How stunning is that! Those silk roses make absolutely gorgeous wedding table centerpieces, don’t you agree? So let me get right to it. I am fully prepared to back all of these reasons, so if you have any questions, or disagree, please share your thoughts below in the comments.

1. Silk flowers are more affordable than fresh flowers.

It’s 2014, ladies. There is absolutely no reason why you should be spending $2,500 on your wedding flowers. It’s time to be stylish and  savvy.

2. Silk flowers are a lasting keepsake, while fresh flowers last less than a week.

Now you can keep your bridal bouquet as a lovely reminder of your special day, instead of watching it quickly wilt and die.

3. Silk flowers offer many more color and style options.

What if your wedding colors are mint and gold, and your favorite flower is a rose? With the endless amount of silk flower options, you can make this vision a reality.

4. Silk flowers are hassle free and no fuss.

Wedding prep is stressful enough. Who wants to spend their big day making flower food and wrapping fresh stems in wet paper towels?

5. Silk flower arrangements can be prepared months in advance.

Now you can check wedding flowers off your list months in advance. Prepare your silk flower arrangements three months before your big day, and no one will know but you!

If these reasons don’t convince you that silk flowers really are better than fresh, I don’t know what will. Choose fresh flowers, and you will spend more, fuss more, and probably collect a few grey hairs along the way. {Yes, it’s true!} Choose silk flowers and you will be breathing easy on your big day.

Happy planning, you savvy stylish bride you!


  1. I completely agree with this article! I decided early on in the wedding planning process that i would be using fake flowers instead of fresh. I stumbled upon Aloral and saw a lot of good reviews so I went ahead and ordered my flowers from here. When I received the flowers I was completely impressed by the quality! They are incredibly gorgeous and look so realistic! I am so happy I came across Aloral and I think everyone should know that they have the option to purchase silk flowers at a reasonable price instead of going broke on the real thing!

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