Sheri’s White Garden Lily & Rose Wedding Inspiration Board


{Sheri’s Request}
I would like to create a scepter style bouquet. You showed a premade bouquet on your site on the page, but I am no longer able to find that bouquet.  If I would like to put something together to mimic the look what would you suggest? Trying to keep costs down.

{Sheri’s Bouquet Details}
This is a recreation of a previous board and it includes:  White Garden Lilies, Roses, Carnations, Calla Lilies and Greenery Sprays.  You can also choose to start the bouquet with a premade White Rose Bouquet and add the additional stems.  Wrap with an elegant Sheer Golden Ribbon. We offer a variety of prices on floral stems to fit your budget.   Happy Planning, Mindy