Rustic Wedding Theme's rustic lavender theme

Rustic weddings are casual with natural elements and personal touches.  They are recently growing in popularity as a wedding theme due to their versatility, style and charm.  Simple, natural and beautiful.

The rustic look is like the hip older sister to the country wedding look.  She has her own personal style with just the right accessories, worn just the right way. She is the one everyone loves and never stops taking about.

Whether you are the younger or older sister a rustic wedding is affordable for any budget bride.  Keeping the majority of decor items simple and natural will help cut down on your costs, and a rustic wedding is ideal for DIY wedding projects that will add a touch of personal style.

One of it’s reasons for popularity is versatility, you can take the rustic look in several different directions, each one unique to itself yet still embodies that sought after rustic charm.  I’ve created three different rustic wedding boards for today’s post, to give you a visual glimpse of how this wedding theme can be styled.  You can go with a specific styled rustic look or pick and mix different elements you like.

Soft, Romantic

Soft, Romantic Rustic, altar, cake, vintage jars, dessert bar, bride & groom

A soft, romantic rustic wedding.  This bride is marrying her sweetheart, her soulmate and she wants a fairytale day to remember.  The color palette will be soft and feminine,  accented in romantic flowers like roses in buds or full blooms. Pair these soft, romantic florals with a rustic, natural element like the tree branch altar from or’s wheat stalk paired with the lavender centerpiece.   For another romantic, rustic centerpiece idea view’s how to video to create a centerpiece using dried lavender tied into bundles with chiffon ribbon.

Still keeping with that rustic charm, decor will be simple with fresh, neutral table linens, white twinkle lights strung and softly lit votive candles, leaving room for a few key extravagances.  These might be found in rich, decadent desserts or cakes, lavish favors or extravagant items like this fur wrap worn by the bride on

Our romantic bride will do her homework finding one or two splurges, keeping the rest of her wedding day items within budget.  Guests will enjoy her stylish touches while appreciating the more informal, intimate tone set by the rustic theme.

Vintage Rustic

Vintage Rustic, bride, containers & place setting, bouquet, cake topper

Vintage, rustic wedding.  This is for the bride and groom who are sentimental, they hold one another and their family very close.  The causal nature of a rustic nature will be appreciated by this couple who wants their guests, friends and family, to be able to enjoy a close, warm wedding day.

Vintage weddings can be eclectic and playful.  Items can be choose based on style, appearance or for a special meaning they hold.  Brides can find inexpensive wedding deals by using vintage place settings, table clothes and vases.  Vintage or heirloom brooches, jewelry will add personal touches like this elegant cake topper from, with vintage flowers and lace.

Keep other decor items fresh and simple so not to take away from the charm and personal touches of your selected vintage items.  Your guests will spend the evening remarking about your fabulous eclectic style and enjoying the warm, casual setting.

Touch of Color

Touch of Color Rustic, cake, place setting, chairback, couple, lantern

Touch of color rustic wedding.  This look is for the bride who is saying I do to the man she endlessly loves and always makes her smile.  This couple is looking for a party with close friends and family to celebrate their love.

Find natural elements to set the causal tone.  Then pick your bold color palette, whether you go for one particular color, a set of complementary colors for a bold pop, or a whole bouquet of vivid hues.  This is the perfect theme for couples to show off some personal touches.  Create a few simple DIY wedding projects, loosely tied bouquets, centerpieces or chair backs like the jumbo dahlia, rustic chair back.

Some couples pick a subject and repeat it throughout their theme.  The rustic, yellow cake featured on is from a wedding the couple used birds throughout, the top of the cake, printed on napkins, in flower arrangements.  Something simple, fun, a touch whimsical and true to the couple’s taste. Find something that fits your interests or taste, guests will be amused and have a blast as they laugh and dance the night away in celebration of your wedding.

Why You Love Rustic

A rustic wedding can fulfill all your little girl fairytale dreams, while still staying in your big girl, reality budget.  Simple, natural, beautiful.  Choose from our inspiration ideas, adding in your own touches and style.  You’ll be guaranteed a special day with rustic charm to remember.