Rustic Pink Wedding Flowers ~ Crystal’s Inspiration Board

Crystal writes:  Hi, I am getting ready for an August wedding and am having difficulties deciding what flowers to use. My bridesmaids will be wearing black dresses, all different. I would like the colors of the flowers to be be different shades of cream, green, and pinks. We are going for a rustic chic look. It’s not going to be fancy, but nothing to informal either. For our table decorations we will be having 3 different size vases with flowers and branches in them. Please help!

Crystal-PurpleBouquet Inspiration Photo:  James Christianson  |  Floral Designer:  Jolene Hilliard
via Elizabeth Anne Designs

To recreate and view the realistic floral stems used to in this vintage inspiration bouquet, please click on items below:

  1. 5 Pink Peony Sprays
  2. Purple French Lavender Sprays
  3. 3 Green Berry Sprays
  4. 1 Fuchsia Blossom Sprays
  5. Cream Ranunculus Bush
  6. Pink Ranunculus Sprays
  7. Dusty Miller Greenery Sprays
  8. Wrap your bouquet with Black Lace Ribbon