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A soft, pink romantic wedding is sure to fulfill any girl’s ideal fairytale dreams.  Today I have 4 inspiration photos to help you plan a Romantic Vintage Pink Wedding Theme.

The Vintage China Place Setting is our vintage inspiration, showing that you can take beauty and elegance from the past while also cashing in on savings by picking up second hand items. You don’t have to have a full matching set to serve all your wedding guests. Pick a few color accents like pink or gold trim for plates to have in common.  If you have a few accent colors running through each piece, they will tie together your whole reception table settings.  Keep an eye out at local thrift or second hand stores or visit estate or garage sales to pick up almost full sets.  Colored glass vases are another vintage or second hand find that can add a touch of elegance to your romantic wedding look.

The Soft, Light Pink Hue is going to set the wedding palette, this pink is a warm yet muted tone that will work well with white or cream neutrals, metallics, and greenery accents in floral arrangements.  Pair the pink hue with the beauty of the rose for your bridal bouquet and flower arrangements. Both the color pink and the rose flower are timeless, romantic symbols of love. Build your own silk floral bouquet or check out the 2012 Afloral Bridal Bouquet Line. Personally I’m in love with the tones and textures of the rose, ranunculus and peony arrangement in pink, fuchsia and cream for under $18!

The Cinderella image is a vintage illustration that depicts the classic story of prince charming with his princess.  Your wedding day is a day any bride has dreamed about since she was a little girl and played dress up and make believe.  It is a day you get to say yes to the man you love –  your own prince charming.  As you dreamed of this special day, you imagined the best, just like a princess would have: lavish accents making for an elegant and romantic wedding.  Any modern princess can get her “lavish” looking accents with smart wedding planning.  Map out ways to save like using cheap second-hand china, affordable silk wedding flowers, and setting a budget and sticking to it in each wedding category.

Lastly the Lace Bridal Look showcases the delicate beauty of a lace overlay on the bodice of this gown.  Lace has been a recent popular accent on bridal gowns.  It offers a soft, yet intricate detail that adds a touch of romance and elegance to your look.  Lace allows the bride to feel feminine and beautiful without having to be too revealing.  There is a way to tastefully show a little skin, and lace is the perfect way to do it.

A Romantic Vintage Pink Wedding Theme is feminine, elegant and timelessly beautiful.  Remember key elements like the romantic soft pink palette, classic beauty of the rose, vintage elegance (and savings) in second hand china, and the beauty and grace in lace detailing.  May all your fairytale dreams come true on your special day!



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