Romantic Silk Rose Floral Guide Red Rose Wedding Theme

“Which is loveliest in a rose?  It’s coy beauty when it’s budding, or it’s splendor when it blow?” George Barlow

Many poets and writers have alluded to the beauty of the rose.  A symbol of love, passion and beauty.

Approaching Valentine’s Day, the international day of love, countless men will be visiting their local florist to purchase bouquets of roses for their special someones.

Roses aren’t just popular one day of the year.  They are a favorite wedding floral choice.  Roses are a timeless symbol of love and beauty that lend themselves to a classic, elegant wedding look.

Silk rose flowers can get you this beautiful, classic look at an affordable price.  Silk floral stems range from $1.49 to $3.49 a piece, ideal prices for any DIY wedding projects.  An added bonus you can order them weeks or months in advance completing any projects with plenty of time before your wedding day.

Today we’re going to go through a few different types of silk rose flowers so you’ll be able to get the right look using the right type of rose stems for your wedding needs.  Welcome to the silk rose floral guide. Red Rose Boutonniere

Rose Buds

Rose buds are a petite, rich accent to any floral arrangement.  Available in a variety of colors from traditional red, pink, yellow to blue, purple or gray.  They come on long individual stems with greenery.  Tuck the rose bud stems amongst arrangements with greenery and baby’s breath or accents like feather or rhinestone sprays.

Take the same hue of rose bud and make your own boutonnieres for the groom and groomsmen.  For around $2- $5 a piece, get great savings making your own with a rose bud, greenery, floral tape and a lapel pin. Red Rose Bridal Bouquet

Open Rose

A large, open rose  can be a beautiful focal point to your wedding floral arrangement.  Lush and bold in bridal bouquets and accessories and attention catching in reception centerpieces.  The intricate layers of an open rose are historically a symbol of elegance and beauty.

Both the American Beauty and Suzette Garden silk floral stems are large, lush open roses that will get you that classic look.  Pair larger blooms like these with other medium to large blooms so that the arrangement is balanced.  The red rose wedding theme features a 26″ red rose, the same size bloom of the large American Beauty or Suzette Garden stems.  Arrange several silk floral stems in a tall or short inexpensive vase like the mint julep cups and viola you have a simple, beautiful and affordable wedding centerpiece. White Rose Centerpiece

Garden Fresh

If you’re on the fence about using silk flowers for your wedding, the garden fresh line can sway your vote.  Garden Fresh and Sophia silk floral stems offer a “fresh from the garden” look  with soft, plastic coated wire stems complete with thorns.  The realistic stems and petals can be placed in a vase of water to complete the look or used in a submersible arrangement.

Both are available in large, open blooms with lush silk rose petals.  The white rose wedding theme showcases the beauty and versatility of the silk rose stems.  Classic, simple arrangement of 6 sophia rose stems are placed in a clear vase with water and floating white rose petals for a stunning centerpiece idea.  The Princess Mary rose bud stem is trimmed and submersed in a small clear vase for an accent arrangement.  Each element checks in at under $5 a piece, demonstrating how affordable silk flowers and staple and inexpensive pieces like dollar store vases can create a gorgeous yet budget friendly wedding arrangement.

For additional savings look at silk rose sprays offering multiple floral blooms to be used in DIY arrangements.  And as always ordering silk wedding flowers in bulk will save you both time and money.

Happy early Valentine’s Day!  With all the money you’ll be saving ordering silk wedding flowers let your man to be take you out for a romantic dinner……enjoy!

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