Retro Wedding Theme Part II

Retro Wedding Flower Theme,

Last week I blogged about Retro Wedding Themes, we talked about taking favorite American classics and giving them a twist for a unique and memorable wedding day.  With the right choices for your wedding flowers and some cues from a fun retro inspired location you’ll be on the start for planning the perfect wedding day.
This week is Part II we’re going to take a closer look at your retro wedding flower choices and break down some great DIY retro wedding flower projects.  Inspired by the recent photo shoot on site at a retro amusement park, let’s show you how to create a bridal bouquet full of color and fun gerbera daisy wedding flower that will surely pop.  Then next up will be a non-traditional take on wedding flower centerpieces with a short poppy and billy button arrangement in 5” metal layette pots.
These retro wedding flowers are a blast of powerful color that will set the tone for a vibrant playful wedding day.  So let’s get started:

Retro Wedding Flower Bouquet,

 Daisy, Poppy, Ranunculus Wedding Flower Bouquet

  1. First arrange the larger stem wedding flowers, gerberas, poppies, and ranunculus.  Take a few stems together in one hand and with the other hand add in individual stems.  You want to expand your clutch of flowers varying the height of different stems so that it appears rounded.
  2. Once your larger stems are arranged next add in the mini red gerbera daisies and blue cosmos spray.  Trim these into individual stems first then arrange them by inserting stems into various points of your bouquet.  Anchor more of the mini, red gerberas at the base of the bouquet to achieve the same look seen in the photo.
  3. Once all of the wedding flowers stems have been added to your bouquet, secure them with floral stem wrap.  Trim the ends of the stems so they are even.
  4. Last step, wrap the stems in orange, wired satin ribbon.

The gerbera daisy, poppies, ranunculus and cosmos spray are a fun, whimsical take on retro wedding flower choices.  You love this bouquet because it’s going to stand out against your white bridal gown for a bright, pop of fresh color.  Create smaller matching bridesmaids bouquets by using the same combination of flowers with just fewer stems in the arrangement.  Groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres choose one larger flower like the yellow gerbera, one-two mini red gerbera daisies and a sprig of blue cosmos spray and you’re done!

Retro Wedding Flower Centerpiece,

Poppy and Billy Button Wedding Flower Centerpiece

  1. Trim the floral foam to fit in your container.
  2. Trim the poppy and gerbera daisy stems to your desired height and arrange in the metal container.
  3. Once they are secured in the floral foam add in your trimmed billy button stems.

This arrangement doesn’t take much to arrange, three unique wedding flower choices come together for a fresh take on your wedding centerpiece.  The flower choices, poppies, billy buttons and gerbera daisies work well together; they are a great combination of different forms and textures.  This is a fun variation on traditional wedding flower centerpieces.  Several of these shorter, smaller containers on a reception table will still get the job done and create a stylish retro wedding look.
There you go.  We love these bold, colorful retro wedding flowers!  Go for a fun, stylish take on your wedding day theme and get your look for less using these great DIY wedding design ideas and silk retro wedding flowers!.

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